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Legacy of Kain: Sour Reaver 2
Scheduled release date: Summer 2001
Publisher: Eidos
Developer: Crystal Dynamics
Genre: Action/Adventure
Number Of Players: 1

  This updated preview will focus primarily on the vast visual changes that Soul Reaver 2 has obviously went through due to the cancellation of the Dreamcast version. Some may be asking what the DC version of Soul Reaver 2 had anything to do with how the PS2 version was going to look, that's simple. Eidos didn't want to make one game look better than the other so at first they decided to make the visuals an even match between the two versions. Eventually fate came knocking on Sega's door as the Dreamcast got slapped across the face and experienced a dramatic and unpredictable turn of events, as it headed into the twist of time, the lobby of console gaming, basically the DC was canned. So with the halt of the Dreamcast, Eidos decided that it would be best to focus on one version of Soul Reaver 2, and that would obviously be the PS2 version. So with the cancellation of the DC version, Crystal Dynamics (developer) would now break free from the visual barrier and expand Soul Reaver 2, into one spectacular eye-sight.

   It's quite noticeable when compared to older E3 2000 screenshots that Soul Reaver 2 went through a visual overhaul. Crystal D has apparently risen the polygonal counts in Raziel, as he looks much more defined and sleeker than he ever did. Raziel isn't the center of attention though, because the way Crystal D is handling the stunning textures, just overwhelms me. Not only are these some of the cleanest looking textures in a videogame to date, but they are some of the best and most realistic looking I've seen in quite a while. With Soul Reaver 2's gothic atmosphere, authentic mood placement is ideal and here is where the texture design and lighting comes in. The walls are masterfully created with gothic like craftsmanship that will surely get the gamer into the grim and gouging world of Kain. Meanwhile the lighting features candles lit on walls, and the surroundings get lit by Raziel's energy charged Soul Reaver.

   That does it for now, we'll try to deliver more screenshots as they come up.

4/16/2001   SolidSnake