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Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
Scheduled release date: Q4 2005
Publisher: Take-Two Interactive
Developer: Rockstar Games Leeds Studio
Number Of Players: 1
Let the Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories information blitz commence!

A few lucky UK residents wrote in last week to tell us they received the August issue of Official PlayStation 2 Magazine (OP2M) in their mailbox, which contained an "exclusive" TEN PAGE informational update on Rockstar's upcoming Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories for the PSP. Just yesterday, we received email from folks telling us that they've received the August issue of the US version of OPM, which apparently has an 8-page write-up inside.

And the good news just keeps coming. Longtime readers wrote in over the weekend to tell us that they've seen magazines in shops in the France, Spain, and Germany that also have "exclusive" GTA: LCS write-ups. Rockstar has been tight about providing information to Internet sites, but from the looks of things, they've been very forthcoming to print publications. In fact, it appears they've been feeding different info-bits to each magazine.

Normally, there'd be no way for anyone to compile all of that info, since you'd need to fly all across the world to buy all of those magazines (or find the most awesome bookstore in existence). But, this is the age of the Internet, and a few kind people were nice enough to e-mail us the pertinent points, which we've collected into this quick and dirty update.

The Highlights

  • Rockstar has been working on the PSP engine for more than two years already.
  • GTA: LCS is set in the world of Grand Theft Auto 3, but takes place 3 years earlier, so it is an entirely new game with new characters, missions, and locations.
  • Lead character is Tony Cipriani, a younger version of the man who was one of the mob bosses in GTA3.
  • Missions will be quicker; 2-3 minutes on average; and cut scenes will be shorter.
  • The world will be roughly 50% larger than it was in GTA3, but smaller than Vice City and San Andreas.
  • The game will include all of the cars from GTA3, as well as motorbikes, but no air vehicles.
  • LCS, like other GTA games, will include extra bonus missions (often referred to as R3 missions).
  • The locations and cut scenes in GTA PSP will constantly stream off of the UMD, like they do in the PS2 GTA games, but Rockstar is keeping file sizes down and using intelligent directory structure to minimize seek time, in order to cut down on battery drain.
  • LCS will feature professional voice-actors in the lead roles. Michael Madsen will provide the voice for Cipriani.
  • LCS will have its own custom soundtrack, and will support user-created soundtracks in the form of MP3 files loaded onto a memory stick.
  • Clothing changes and collectible items will be much more plentiful than they were in GTA3; roughly on par with GTA San Andreas.
  • The control scheme is being tailored to the PSP. For instance, players will press the R button and push left and right on the D-pad to cycle through targets.

We'll keep you posted as new details arise. Until then, feel free to check out our earlier E3 Impressions or a few screen shots of the game. The shots are low-quality scans from various foreign magazines, and normally we wouldn't post images of such low quality, but we figured y'all are so hungry for info on this game that we'd make an exception.

6/28/2005   Frank Provo