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Gravity Rush
Scheduled release date: June 12, 2012
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I maintain that the PlayStation Vita has plenty of good games already, but new hardware can always use more, right? Perhaps the most important new upcoming title is Gravity Rush, which appears to be both artistically innovative and a fantastic example of just how far portable entertainment has come. Slick, stylish, and loaded with creative action designed to test your reflexes and open your eyes, this one has all the signs of a AAA title. Provided the story clicks and the controls are tight and responsive, we should have a clear-cut winner come June.

You will play as Kat, who has the unbelievable power to control and manipulate gravity. The dying world of Auldnoir (yeah, we caught the “noir” part) is in trouble and Kat might be humanity’s only shot at survival; she’ll float and fly and take care of the nasty things that have plagued the landscape. She’ll also get some help from her trusty sidekick, a little cat that glows black and should prove invaluable in certain situations. Touchscreen controls will be in effect, as well as the Vita’s tilt function, so it’ll be a combination of touch and standard button mechanics.

The primary enemy is the Nevi, black and red enemies that are Kat’s top priority. These foes are diverse and can pose a variety of problems, but there’s one constant: Each has a glowing red crystal that designates its weak spot; take advantage of that weakness and Kat will have a much easier time. Of course, the combat won’t be quite this straightforward, as some enemies will have multiple crystals, and others will have a shell that protects the crystal. But Kat, fully equipped with a sassy attitude, sharp claws, and acrobatic moves galore, is up to the challenge.

There’s the gravity kick that will likely become your go-to elimination move; the further away you start from your target, the more damage you do when you make contact. But there’s also the gravity stasis field, which she can use to pick up objects and hurl them at oncoming enemies and of course, we can’t forget about her special abilities. When in Zero Gravity Mode, pressing the Triangle button will unleash Kat’s most powerful attacks, which you will continue to unlock as you progress. Sounds like this kitty is gonna do some big-time damage…

As you move along in your adventure, you’ll have to recreate and rebuild the city of Heksville, and you’ll also visit a great many interesting locations as well. We’ve been told the environment will definitely continue to change, and we’ll have to tackle a variety of tasks that will add flavor, diversity, and longevity to the gameplay. Plus, if you take a look at some of the available media, you’ll see a very impressive visual palette that should really showcase the Vita’s significant capabilities. Gravity Rush is slated to hit store shelves on June 12 in the US.

3/27/2012   Ben Dutka