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Raven's Cry
Scheduled release date: 10/14/2014
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“If you think you know something about pirates, think again.”

So goes the byline from the official site, but what can we expect from this joint Topware and Reality Pump venture? Something ambitious, that's for sure.

We will be heading back to the 18th century in the Caribbean to experience the golden age of piracy through the quest of hook-handed anti-hero Christopher Raven as he goes on a quest of vengeance against the men who murdered his family. This isn't the Disney version of Pirates of the Caribbean, Reality Pump has endeavored to recreate the period as authentically as possible for a gritty and realistic pirating adventure.

Christopher will embark on an open-world quest on land and sea as he follows the bloody trail of his quarry from the dank dens of the Caribbean ports, to the coasts of islands held by mercenaries, through South American jungles, and on to dangerous plantations and the edge of his own madness.

Raven's Cry has a plethora of features for piracy inclined RPG fans. The main quest boasts 25 hours of gameplay aside from the dozens of side quests and activities such as looting, bounty hunting, smuggling, and searching for treasure. Raven is a ruthless individual so becoming a hero isn't exactly in the cards, but there are moral choices which will affect the storyline. A companion raven that constantly circles Christopher also has unlockable skills for quick use. Combat uses hack n slash tactics and free-flowing block, counter, and parry moves. There will also be a set of devastating finishing moves using the hook hand. Just remember that environment isn't on your side all the time, rainfall may cause your pistols to misfire and mud will slow you down. As you slash and swashbuckle through the adventure you'll be able to fill up skill trees for more killer moves.

Out on the open sea you'll find various factions, intense battles, different ammunition types, and an engrossing trade system with many commodities. Climb the career ladder of a pirate from small ship to large. Upgrade and customize your ships, hire your crew, gain notoriety, and rule morale through encouragement or fear while gaining the experience needed to become the best.

Raven's Cry provides a number of scenic locales for the budding pirate. St. Lucia island is a remote hideaway for pirates, cutthroats, and all manner of ne'erdowells where Christopher begins his journey. No pirate game would be complete without a visit Port Royal. The most depraved spot in all of what can only loosely be called Christendom, this British controlled part of Jamaica is where lives are lost and fortunes are made or squandered. Bridgetown, Barbados is a bit less seedy. However among the mansions and trappings of wealth Christopher will meet up with important allies among the darker corners of the island. Santa Muerte offers a challenging landscape full of dark jungles and mysterious natives. St. John's in the Virgin Islands is a place where all the secrets dwell. Those with power and influence exploit the weak and ruthless. Two factions are at odds and only Christopher Raven can usher in their proper comeuppance.

Raven's Cry will set sail on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and PC on October 14, 2014.

4/18/2014   David D. Nelson