PS3 Game Reviews

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PS3 Game Reviews

07/23/09 Damnation Arnold Katayev
02/20/10 Dante's Inferno Arnold K. & Ben D.
03/27/08 Dark Sector Arnold Katayev
10/03/11 Dark Souls Ben Dutka
03/13/14 Dark Souls II Ben Dutka
01/07/10 Darksiders Arnold Katayev
08/14/12 Darksiders II Ben Dutka
05/10/12 Datura Ben Dutka
09/08/11 Dead Island Ben Dutka
04/23/13 Dead Island: Riptide Ben Dutka
11/16/10 Dead Nation Ben Dutka
09/26/12 Dead or Alive 5 Ben Dutka
10/02/10 Dead Rising 2 Arnold Katayev
10/15/11 Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Ben Dutka
10/19/08 Dead Space Arnold Katayev
01/26/11 Dead Space 2 Ben Dutka
02/05/13 Dead Space 3 Ben Dutka
05/17/10 Dead to Rights: Retribution Arnold Katayev
12/16/10 Deadliest Catch: Sea of Chaos Ben Dutka
07/02/13 Deadpool Ben Dutka
04/15/13 Defiance Ben Dutka
09/08/09 Demon's Souls Ben Dutka
08/22/11 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Ben Dutka
02/06/08 Devil May Cry 4 Arnold Katayev
04/12/12 Devil May Cry HD Collection Ben Dutka
12/03/09 Diner Dash Ben Dutka
09/25/07 DiRT Arnold Katayev
09/27/09 DiRT 2 Arnold Katayev
06/02/11 DiRT 3 Ben Dutka
07/01/12 DiRT 3 Guest, "Temjin001"
06/18/12 DiRT Showdown Ben Dutka
09/23/08 Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice Ben Dutka
08/25/11 Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten Ben Dutka
10/22/13 Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness Ben Dutka
10/09/12 Dishonored Ben Dutka
04/28/14 Disney's Castle of Illusion HD Ben Dutka
11/02/09 DJ Hero Arnold Katayev
10/21/10 DJ Hero 2 Ben Dutka
01/15/13 DmC: Devil May Cry Ben Dutka
08/20/13 Do Not Fall Ben Dutka
10/23/12 DOOM 3 BFG Edition Ben Dutka
09/20/12 Double Dragon: Neon Ben Dutka
03/10/11 Dragon Age II Ben Dutka
11/04/09 Dragon Age: Origins Arnold Katayev
06/29/08 Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit Arnold Katayev
12/06/09 Dragon Ball: Raging Blast Arnold Katayev
11/04/10 Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 Ben Dutka
08/05/13 Dragon's Crown Ben Dutka
06/05/12 Dragon's Dogma Ben Dutka
06/03/14 Drakengard 3 Ben Dutka
12/04/10 Dream Chronicles Ben Dutka
09/05/11 Driver: San Francisco Ben Dutka
06/15/11 Duke Nukem Forever Ben Dutka
06/16/11 Dungeon Siege III Ben Dutka
02/11/14 Dustforce Ben Dutka
08/07/12 Dyad Ben Dutka
04/02/08 Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires Ben Dutka
09/25/07 Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Ben Dutka
07/16/14 Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn David D. Nelson

Other Reviews

09/23/09 Logitech G27 Arnold Katayev
01/18/08 Logitech G25 Arnold Katayev

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