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Danger Girl Review

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  As of late, THQ has been a good streak of success with their newly acquired WWF license. The company that was once known as the black sheep of gaming (at least in my eyes) was on top with their prime WWF Wrestlemania and WWF Smackdown games. When I heard about the development of Danger Girl by N-Space, and THQ blessed the developer by publishing the game, I seriously thought that the game would be cancelled due do its cheesy looking graphics. I really thought Danger Girl, which is based on a comic book franchise, needed to be canned and quick, but N-Space went along and completed the game. Lately games like NFL Blitz 2001 and Disney's Dinosaur have been pissing me off with their shabby visuals and awful gameplay, and Danger Girl not surprisingly does the same. Read the full review of why this is another game that needs to be burned and forgotten.

   The game pits you of as one of the four characters, you start out in a jungle which is presented by an almost X-rated FMV sequence. Abbey is her name, and she along with Sydney and J.C. will accompany you through this one incredibly boring game. Let's shoot down to the basics, the character detail isn't nearly as good as N-Space's other games like Die Hard Trilogy 2 and Duke Nukem: A Time to Kill (even though both games sucked). The body structures are average, they don't impress me at all, and it basically feels like I'm looking at a block with legs and arms. Clipping is also an issue, it may not be as bad as NFL Blitz 2001, but the game still suffers from it. Environmental detail is big but pixely. N-Space wanted to re-create the comic book's atmosphere but what they did was just pummel the graphics into making them look like 1st or 2nd generation material, the backgrounds suffer from poorly designed textures that scream "1995". The only thing that is at least decent are the FMV sequences which actually feature quite some heavy adult content, I won't get into that much but let's just say that little Billy may start getting ideas after playing this game! Let me not forget the gut-wrenchingly bad camera and frame rate. First off the camera view is incredibly perky, when it moves it skips a frame or two which really irritates the eye causing this jumping effect in an essence. Now the frame rate actually involves the camera view, it is noticeable that the frames per second is no where near 30, but most likely around 18-20 FPS, the camera makes it stand out even more with that jumpy effect. Overall, poor performance on a game that I knew from the start wasn't going to make the cut.

   What N-Space is trying to do is rival Syphon Filter in the gameplay fashion of the game. But what it tries it doesn't succeed and just falls flat on its face. The problem with the game is one that has been plaguing the Tomb Raider since the second one. N-Space was obviously so fascinated by making the chests on every girl "gitty and bouncy" that they damn nearly forgot that this was a videogame and not a porno movie. The gameplay is absolutely nothing like Syphon Filter or even Tomorrow Never Dies, you run around shooting people over and over again, until you complete Objective A, then head out for Objective B. With the terrible frame rate present, Danger Girl is an experience made even worse, moving around is slow and very tedious bringing down the gameplay score a lot. In general the gameplay is run and shoot, N-Space tries to involve some stealth action but it doesn't do the job at all. The AI isn't too bright, sometimes if you stand to the side of them, they won't even notice you and just stand there like idiots pondering to themselves what just happened. The weapons are very basic, the AK47 and Desert Eagle are the first two weapons you may come across later on more bigger and stronger guns will be at your grasp. The characters are capable of pulling of side jumps a'la James Bond style where you also have the ability to shoot at a near by foe, but this tactic will get you almost nowhere because of the games faulty and hampered controls that I will get to later. The gameplay is terribly lacking in every field, sure the game features a few guns and some exclusive art, but this game's incredibly superficial gameplay makes those extras non-existent.

   The audio is what I love a lot in videogaming lately, it is the one category that puts you in the mood of the game, but that can't be said about Danger Girl. The voice acting sounds like somebody is crumbling paper in the background, the quality has a bit static when you listen very carefully, and I'm not talking about the area when the characters talk through the computer. The music is very cheap, the same round of beats is repeated over and over again, which really brings down the score. Gun shots don't sound as marvelous as they do in a game like Medal of Honor, Syphon Filter or Metal Gear Solid, they sort of sound like somebody pounding on a wall. The sound department is pretty dull and can only be described as average at best.

   Maneuvering your characters almost feels like a chore. The movement is slow and very frustrate, while aiming in first person view is even worse. By pressing Triangle, you are put in a first person view with a cross-hare on the screen for aim, I thought at first that is was cool but when I tried to move it around I thought that there was something wrong with my controller. I was dead wrong, my controller was fine but this game wasn't, the trigger moved slower than a turtle, and by the time you lock on your foe the message "You have died" will appear. The analog sucks, there is no sensitivity none-what so ever. The Dual Shock is far below great, its weak and sometimes won't work then randomly work again. The control is just as bad as the whole game.

   Danger Girl is a game that you would only want to play for fifteen minutes if not fifteen seconds. The boring gameplay, the cheesy visuals along with the lacking sound create a horrible game like Danger Girl. If you are a die-hard gamer of the comic book than I only suggest renting the game, but if you buy this game for $40 then you seriously just wasted the worst $40 of your life, I think that THQ should have just sold this game as a budget game, because Danger Girl is a game that almost feels like Spec Ops and deserves to be listed under the same price point.

10/1/2000 SolidSnake

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