Playstation Game Reviews: Medal of Honor 2: Underground Review

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Medal of Honor 2: Underground Review

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  Well I know that this review is pretty long delayed, but fellas remember that this is the holiday season and videogames are being shot out left and right, so I do want to apologize. But without further ado' I present you the review of Medal of Honor: Underground. Last year when Medal of Honor rolled out of the production warehouse and into retailers, few expected the game to be not only one of the best console first person shooters around, but actually the best Playstation first person game. Medal of Honor took big points from Steven Spielberg's very own Saving Private Ryan and threw in a solo hero to annihilate the German Nazi's. Medal of Honor was an incredibly well engineered game by Dreamworks Interactive, the gameplay was the real deal in MOH, you go through over 20 different levels not just shooting but planting bombs, and pulling of a few tactical procedures. The game's most noticeable feature had to be its remarkable sound effects and background music, when playing MOH it felt as if you were at a Universal Studios attraction, thankfully the sequel to Medal of Honor would be all of that and more. Medal of Honor: Underground is the new game, and this time it's got a new hero. See how much Medal of Honor has improved over last years astounding game.

   Graphically Medal of Honor isn't the best but Dreamworks has still done a nice job on the venerable PSOne. To start off from the top, the character detail is solid, the Nazi's look a bit repetitive but after all they all did wear the same uniforms, so I won't deduct much for that. The environments are very detailed and very diverse, there are tons of different structures to look at, they're all great and interactive as well. When you walk around the stages you'll see many different objects in your way, some small, some large, some cars, other trucks, everything looks really nice and the game has polish. Underground like its predecessor has sweet looking special effects, the explosions are bright and vibrant, it may not look like a huge budget was spent on them, but the good stuff is there. The frame rates are super smooth and Medal of Honor: Underground has no problems with keeping 30 frames up all the time. The visuals are nice, I've got nothing really to complain about, if you want to know, yes the visuals in the sequel are better.

   Keeping true to the first Medal of Honor, in Underground the year is 1940, May 10 you are a female French agent by the name of Manon. As Manon you will travel through over 20 levels and through countries such as North Africa, France, Italy and of course Germany. Also like MOH you will have to carry out multiple missions per stage, blowing up vehicles and passages, or stealing documents, it's all back and then some. The two-player action is back, while it isn't a huge improvement over the first game, the mode is still enjoyable, and should really be checked out. Underground's arsenal of weapons includes everything from bazookas, to shotguns to little hand guns. Medal of Honor is a very good game with a ton to do, any fan of the original owes it to himself to seriously consider checking Underground, here are a few more reasons why. For one the AI has improved, although they still have their "blind spots" (if you will), they will still react to footsteps, distant gun shots, they will even peak out of walls and shoot at you, so what you have to do is hold down the R2 button and aim at the Nazi bastard's head, and BOOM!

   As you run around the stage, you will need to strafe, listen to approaching enemies footsteps and be really careful when you plant a bomb. Speaking of explosives, just like the first game, the AI will still pick up or kick a grenade back to your direction, so be aware of where you throw the explosive, 'cause it can come back and bite you in the ass. What's great about Underground is that it also lets you choose the difficulty of the game before you start it, setting it on Easy will re-fill your lives every stage, choosing Normal will make the game harder and and you only start with 50% of health, while Hard carries the lives from the previous stage into the next, something that needed to be entered as a code in the first one, don't forget you still have first-aid kits and medical canteens to get you through. Medal of Honor: Underground is a great successor to the original and also a breathtaking game, from the get go you'll experience some great action and re-live a powerful era in the 20th century.

   Once again the orchestrated soundtrack returns to Underground, as you make your way through the game you will hear some beautifully composed tracks to accompany your journey, and unlike most other FPS titles, the music is not just reckless techno rock (not that there is anything wrong with that), it is really something that you will enjoy because of its amazing clarity. Voice acting is also top notch, as your mission briefings will compose of a lot of voice acting. The German's will also ramble a lot when there are shots fired and I have no clue how to speak German, but it sounds like what they are blurting out is in German. Medal of Honor: Underground's great sounds are marvelous, the games sound is some of the best found in an action game to date.

   To control your movements I suggest the analog sticks, the left one will let you move and the right one will let you move your gun camera. Strafing is also a critical part in the game, using the L1 and R1 buttons can come in handy when you want or need to keep your cover low. There is a good deal of sensitivity in the analog sticks and for crawling around, and when it comes down to it all you will eventually have to use all of the controller's buttons. The Dual Shock presents a very strong force, the feedback is amazingly good, the explosions, gun fire, and being hit by bullet all have their individual forces.

   In the end Medal of Honor: Underground is a finely tuned videogame that holds up to its older brethren Medal of Honor. Underground excels over the first in more ways than one, the visuals have been improved over the first, the body detail is more solid and well built over last years game, the special effects have also been brightened up and the game's interactive environments are better than ever. The gameplay is even more stealth and action than it was before, you will have a large arsenal of weapons and over 20 missions to go through. And on top of that the soundtrack is some of the best in an action game to date. Make sure you give Medal of Honor: Underground a look, it is definitely one of the best FPS titles that have been released on the PSOne.


12/8/2000 SolidSnake

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