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Tag: 3d

Name Section Date
Okay, So What's Going To Happen To Duke Nukem Now...?ps3-news3/2/2014
Maybe I Need A 3DS To Sate Burning Old-School Desiresps3-news1/25/2014
Sony Personal 3D Viewer "No Longer Available" At Sony Storeps3-news10/8/2013
Wolfenstein 3D "Coming Soon" To PSN, XBLA And PCps3-news5/31/2013
So, Does Anyone Actually Care About 3D In Video Games?ps3-news9/25/2012
New Silent Hill Movie Will Freak You Out This Halloweenps3-news4/19/2012
Does Anybody Care About 3D Gaming?ps3-news2/20/2012
Harry Potter Fans: Revel In The 3D Experience Movie Packps3-news11/15/2011
PlayStation 3D Display Dated, Sony Answers Your Questionsps3-news10/19/2011
See Ezio's Final Journey In Stunning 3Dps3-news10/14/2011
Sony: Personal 3D Viewer Will Take Games By Stormps3-news9/23/2011
Pre-Order Sony 3D Monitor, Nab Resistance 3ps3-news8/29/2011
EA: Vita's Game Lineup Gives It A Chance Of Victorypsp-news8/25/2011
View The Caped Crusader And His Noble Deeds In 3Dps3-news8/16/2011
GameStop Offers Resistance 3 With 3DTV Packageps3-news8/7/2011
An Apocalypse Replaces Resistance 3 In 3DTV Bundleps3-news8/5/2011
Sony Looking Into Virtual Reality 3Dps3-news7/18/2011
Will Uncharted 3 Be The 3D Game We've Been Waiting For?ps3-news7/4/2011
Sucker Punch: No Time To Add 3D Or Move To inFamous 2ps3-news4/29/2011
James Cameron Talks 3D In Gaming, Future Of Glassesps3-news4/25/2011
Resistance 3 Gets Move, 3D Supportps3-news3/29/2011
Sony: Nearly 30 3D Games Will Arrive This Yearps3-news3/22/2011
Sony Encourages Internal Studios To Support Move, 3Dps3-news2/28/2011
Sony Explains Why The NGP Won't Feature 3Dpsp-news1/27/2011
James Cameron Loves The 3D Tech Found In Crysis 2ps3-news1/19/2011
MotorStorm: Survive The Apocalypse With 3D Styleps3-news1/7/2011
Games, Movies That Will Support 3D On PlayStation 3ps3-news12/20/2010
Buy Sony 3D HDTV, Get Free PS3 And 3D Starter Kitps3-news11/29/2010
Sony: 3D Will Help Us Reach More Consumersps3-news11/26/2010
Sony: More Than 50 PS3 Games To Boast 3Dps3-news11/24/2010
3D Dot Game Heroes, Demon's Souls Smash Sales Expectationsps3-news10/21/2010
Treyarch Fully Embraces 3D For Call Of Duty: Black Opsps3-news10/5/2010
3D Dot Game Heroes Update: 50 New Heroes, Like Sackboyps3-news9/23/2010
EA's Moore: Max Frame Rate More Important Than 3Dps3-news9/23/2010
Duke Nukem Co-Creator: Look, The Pigs Are Flying!ps3-news9/2/2010
PS3 To Be Fully 3D By October, Music Unlimited For Europeps3-news9/1/2010
Virtua Tennis 4: Move, 3D Creates Realistic Experienceps3-news8/30/2010
Sony: LittleBigPlanet, Gran Turismo Benefits From 3Dps3-news8/25/2010
MotorStorm 3D Rift Races Onto The Network Tomorrowps3-news8/23/2010
Sony Won't Attach Premium Charge To 3D Gamesps3-news8/23/2010
Killzone 3 Producer Talks 3D Techps3-news8/16/2010
Duke Nukem Forever Alive, Demo Might Drop In 2010ps3-news8/11/2010
Valve: Dedicated PS3 Team "Critical" For Top Qualityps3-news7/28/2010
Twisted Metal Info: No 3D/Move, Single-Player Details, Moreps3-news7/23/2010
Guerrilla: Working With 3D Can Benefit The 2D Experienceps3-news7/18/2010
Sony's Guidelines For 3D Gaming: Only 720p Resolutionps3-news7/16/2010
PSXE Poll Update: Move Takes Priority Over 3D...For Nowps3-news7/11/2010
Sony: The PS3 Will "Store All Types Of 3D Content"ps3-news7/9/2010
Ubisoft: 3D Is "Much More Important" Than People Believeps3-news7/9/2010
PSXE Poll Update: FF Versus XIII Fosters Uncertaintyps3-news7/4/2010

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