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Tag: activision

Name Section Date
Activision Blizzard One Of The "Best Companies To Work For"ps3-news3/5/2015
Analyst: Activision Buying Take-Two Is A "No-Brainer"ps3-news8/31/2014
Vivendi Would've "Happily" Fired Activision CEO Bobby Kotickps3-news7/20/2014
Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick Gets $7.85 Million Bonusps3-news3/11/2014
Activision COO Gets Big Raise, Bonus, And Lots Of Stockps3-news1/21/2014
Activision Didn't Even Want Deadpool To Score Very Highps3-news1/1/2014
Will Activision Respond To Demands For A Call Of Duty Revamp?ps3-news11/25/2013
Activision "Exploring Ways" To Bring Crash Bandicoot Backps3-news11/23/2013
Activision: Don't Compare Guitar Hero To Skylanders Franchiseps3-news10/22/2013
Activision's Vivendi Buyback Complete, A "New Chapter" Opensps3-news10/12/2013
Call of Duty: Ghosts & Micro-Transactions: What's The Deal?ps3-news9/19/2013
Call Of Duty: Ghosts Set To Be Most Pre-Ordered Game Of 2013ps3-news9/9/2013
Apparently, Activision Still Intends To Produce "Sing Hero"ps3-news9/5/2013
Activision: Annual CoD Releases Simply Meet Player Demandps3-news8/28/2013
EA On Battlefield 4 vs. Ghosts: We Feel Good About Our Horseps3-news8/27/2013
Former EA CEO: Activision Could End Up A "Sh**** Company"ps3-news7/31/2013
Activision Blizzard Is Now Independentps3-news7/26/2013
The "Immature, Whiny" CoD Community Makes Us All Look Badps3-news7/24/2013
Former Activision PR Manager Stole $29K From Black Ops Budgetps3-news4/23/2013
Activision Gives $3.7 Million To Call Of Duty Endowment Fundps3-news4/8/2013
Call Of Duty Endowment Donates $1.1 Million To Charity Growthps3-news3/20/2013
Jason West Gone From Respawn, Not Involved In Developmentps3-news3/4/2013
Black Ops II Actors Start On USO Tour, Will Play With Our Troopsps3-news1/28/2013
Skylanders Tops $500 Million, Beats Out Kids Toys And Moviesps3-news1/11/2013
Question Of The Generation: Is Call Of Duty Just A Fad?ps3-news12/17/2012
Activision Now The Only Game Publisher On The NASDAQ-100ps3-news12/17/2012
Kotick: Not A Tough Decision To Fire The Infinity Ward Bossesps3-news12/16/2012
"Guitar Hero 7" Canned Due To Lofty Ambitions, High Expenseps3-news12/5/2012
Take-Two: Annualized IPs Eventually Seem To Hit A Wallps3-news11/28/2012
Yep, Black Ops II Is The Biggest Entertainment Launch Of 2012ps3-news11/16/2012
Activision Dropping Sleeping Dogs Turned Out To Be A Good Thingps3-news11/13/2012
Activision Sitting Pretty But Is "Cautious" Looking Forwardps3-news11/7/2012
Activision CEO: Fans Shouldn't Rebel Against What's Newps3-news10/8/2012
So, Microsoft's Halo 4 Has The Nuts To Take On Black Ops IIps3-news9/30/2012
Avenged Sevenfold's "Carry On" Adds Some Grit To Black Ops IIps3-news9/25/2012
Activision Shares Could Rise By 50%ps3-news8/5/2012
Terminal Reality, Activision Prepping The Walking Dead Gameps3-news7/6/2012
Activision, Tencent To Bring Call Of Duty Online To Chinaps3-news7/3/2012
Pachter: An Activision Sale Improbable, A "Spinoff" Likelyps3-news7/3/2012
Vivendi Seeks Buyer For Activisionps3-news6/29/2012
Prototype 2 Dev Will "Cease Development Of Its Own Games"ps3-news6/28/2012
Guitar Hero Developer Now Helping Out With Call Of Dutyps3-news6/15/2012
Is It Feasible That Call Of Duty Could End Up Like Guitar Hero?ps3-news6/11/2012
Activision Blizzard May Be For Saleps3-news6/8/2012
Activision: Black Ops 2 Is "One Of The Best Values On One Disc"ps3-news6/6/2012
Activision, Infinity Ward Come To Termsps3-news5/31/2012
Activision: IW Received $493 Million In Bonuses Since 2003ps3-news5/27/2012
West On Activision: "Don't Give Me $100 Million, Fire Me Instead"ps3-news5/24/2012
Beenox Boss Defends Activisionps3-news5/23/2012
Activision Wanted To "Change The Locks" On West And Zampellaps3-news5/22/2012

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