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Tag: bf3

Name Section Date
Final Battlefield 3 DLC "End Game" Datedps3-news3/2/2013
Battlefield 3 End Game DLC Detailsps3-news12/21/2012
Battlefield 3 Aftermath DLC Datedps3-news10/18/2012
BF3 Armored Kill DLC Targets Premium PS3 Players Firstps3-news8/27/2012
EA: "We Will Continue To Support BF3"ps3-news7/18/2012
DICE Loses Battlefield 3 Lead Designerps3-news7/13/2012
Battlefield 3 Premium Tallies 800,000 In Only Two Weeks Timeps3-news6/29/2012
Battlefield 3 Premium Confirmed, May Boast "Powerful Features"ps3-news6/1/2012
EA To Announce Battlefield Premium Service At E3ps3-news5/14/2012
EA: Official Battlefield 3 Servers Not Mysteriously Disappearingps3-news5/11/2012
EA's Battlefield 3 Steals "A Significant Share" From CoDps3-news5/8/2012
DICE On BF3 Online Issues: "Tough To Tell Who's Right"ps3-news4/26/2012
Battlefield 3 Close Quarters DLC: Go Trigger-Happy In Juneps3-news4/26/2012
How Do Avid Battlefield 3 Players View The "Unlock All" DLC?ps3-news4/3/2012
DICE Seeks Engineer To Take Frostbite Into Next-Genps3-news4/3/2012
Three More Expansions For Battlefield 3, First Hits In Juneps3-news3/7/2012
DICE Working On Big Patch For BF3ps3-news2/23/2012
Battlefield 3, FIFA 12 Top 10 Million, Madden Sells 5 Millionps3-news2/1/2012
DICE Cracking Down On BF3 Cheatersps3-news1/13/2012
Battlefield 3: Amazing Headshot, Then Down In Flamesps3-news12/29/2011
Back To Karkand Easter Egg Hints At Battlefield 2143?ps3-news12/19/2011
Your Craziest BF3 Moments Could Earn You A Trip To DICEps3-news12/18/2011
EA Believes BF3 Stole Market Share Away From CoDps3-news12/9/2011
Battlefield 3 Back To Karkand DLC Strikes Launch Dateps3-news12/1/2011
Battlefield 3 Sells Well After Launch, Hits 8 Millionps3-news11/30/2011
Battlefield 3 Semi-Auto Weapons Will "Fire Smoother"ps3-news11/25/2011
EA Reinstates Battlefield 1943 Bonus For BF3 PS3 Ownersps3-news11/24/2011
Battlefield 3 Patch Hits Consoles "Shortly After PC"ps3-news11/21/2011
PSXE Poll Update: Battlefield 3 Has The Edge Over MW3ps3-news11/20/2011
DICE Won't Tolerate Cheating Or Exploiting In BF3ps3-news11/11/2011
Battlefield 3 Campaign Wins Out Over Modern Warfare 3ps3-news11/10/2011
Infinity Ward: Industry Benefits If Both MW3 And BF3 Succeedps3-news11/8/2011
Gamers: Stop Complaining About Shooter Campaignsps3-news11/6/2011
Battlefield 3 Sells 5 Million, Fastest Selling Title In EA's Historyps3-news10/31/2011
EA Posts Q2 Net Loss, Battlefield 3 Ships 10 Millionps3-news10/27/2011
Has EA Missed An Opportunity To Eat Into CoD's Reign?ps3-news10/26/2011
Pachter: Modern Warfare 3 Is Easy Holiday Winnerps3-news10/24/2011
Is Battlefield 3 The Most Visually Analyzed Game Of 2011?ps3-news10/23/2011
DICE's Last-Second BF3 Tinkering May Delay Reviewsps3-news10/20/2011
EA Fishing For High BF3 Review Scores In Europe?ps3-news10/18/2011
Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator: Are You Ready For War?ps3-news10/18/2011
DICE On Console BF3: "We've Passed The Competition"ps3-news10/13/2011
Battlefield 3 Destruction Trailer: Things Fall, Go Boomps3-news10/12/2011
DICE On BF3 vs. MW3: Our Game Will Be "Very Different"ps3-news10/11/2011
Opt For An Install, Get Better Textures In Battlefield 3ps3-news10/8/2011
DICE Talks BF3 Beta Intentions, Future Of Bad Companyps3-news10/7/2011
Battlefield 3 Beta: 6 Times The Size Of Bad Company 2 Betaps3-news10/4/2011
DICE Listens To Testers, Fixes Battlefield 3 Bugsps3-news10/2/2011
Is MW3 vs. BF3 Turning Into Xbox 360 vs. PlayStation 3?ps3-news9/30/2011
BF3 Producer Bach Critical Of His Previous Effortsps3-news9/29/2011

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