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Name Section Date
EA Hasn't Killed Dead Space, But DS4 Isn't In The Worksps3-news6/15/2013
EA: Crysis 3, Dead Space 3 Fall Shy Of Sales Expectationsps3-news5/7/2013
Dead Space 3 Awakened DLC Has "Most Disturbing Content Ever"ps3-news3/7/2013
EA Clarifies: Dead Space 4 Cancellation Rumors "Patently False"ps3-news3/5/2013
Rumor: Dead Space 4 Canceled After Dead Space 3 Disappointsps3-news3/5/2013
Dead Space 3 Infinite Resources Glitch Isn't Really A Glitchps3-news2/12/2013
Dead Space Writer: DS3's Action Was A "Necessary Evil"ps3-news2/8/2013
Dead Space 3 Expands With 11 Pieces Of DLC At Launchps3-news2/1/2013
Dead Space 3 Dev: Microtransactions Are For A New Generationps3-news1/27/2013
Dead Space 3 Will Offer In-Game Material Via Microtransactionsps3-news1/22/2013
Dead Space 3 Dev: "Fans Don't Want Change, But They Do"ps3-news1/18/2013
Dead Space 3 Producer: "I Don't Like To Call It Survival/Horror"ps3-news1/17/2013
Dead Space 3 Demo Datedps3-news1/7/2013
Dead Space 3 Dev On Why Dementia Is Just So Darn Scaryps3-news12/27/2012
Sample The Co-Op Action Of Dead Space 3 In A Few Weeksps3-news12/26/2012
Dead Space 3 Pre-Order Bonuses Detailedps3-news12/3/2012
EA Games Boss: Fans Needn't Worry About Dead Space 3ps3-news11/26/2012
Dead Space 3 Eudora Gameplay: Lots Of Hectic Goodnessps3-news9/27/2012
Visceral: Screw AAA, We Want "Quad-A" For Dead Space 3ps3-news9/10/2012
Dead Space 3 LE Pre-Orders Receive Extra Suits, Weaponsps3-news8/22/2012
Dead Space 3: Weapon Crafting Gone Totally Berzerkps3-news8/19/2012
Dead Space 3 Create-A-Weapon Contestps3-news8/16/2012
Dead Space 3: New Features Inspired By Fan, Critic Feedbackps3-news7/30/2012
EA: Dead Space 3 Is "True To Its Roots"ps3-news7/20/2012
EA On Dead Space: "We Listen To The Fans And We Hear Them"ps3-news6/15/2012
Survival Horror Showdown: Dead Space 3 vs. Resident Evil 6ps3-news6/8/2012
EA Will Officially Reveal Dead Space 3 Next Week At E3ps3-news5/31/2012
Dead Space 3 Pics Hint At Co-Op Playps3-news5/31/2012
Dead Space 3 Rumored Info: Co-Op, New Weapons, Enemiesps3-news5/9/2012
New Dead Space, Need For Speed Arrive Before April 2013ps3-news5/7/2012
Retailer Leaks Dead Space 3, Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2ps3-news4/18/2012
If Dead Space 3 Is An FPS, How Will The Horror Fans Respond?ps3-news2/29/2012
Dead Space Studio Hiring For New "Online Action Shooter"ps3-news1/23/2012
Dead Space 2 Dev: A Struggle Between Design And Productionps3-news1/9/2012
Rumor: EA Looking Into Dead Space FPS, Flight Gamesps3-news11/30/2011
Dead Space 3 Brings About Some Changes For Isaacps3-news10/4/2011
Rumor: Dead Space 3 Details Ariseps3-news9/26/2011
Resident Evil Has "Unique Problems" That Must Be Solvedps3-news3/28/2011
EA Wants Dead Space To Be The New Resident Evilps3-news3/9/2011
Severed DLC For Dead Space 2 Datedps3-news2/23/2011
EA Boss On Dead Space 3, Benefit Of Annual Franchisesps3-news2/16/2011
Medal Of Honor, Hot Pursuit, Dead Space 2 Sell Wellps3-news2/1/2011
Dead Space 2 Portable Wouldn't Be A "Shabby Port"psp-news1/28/2011
Dead Space 2 Gets "Severed" DLC Later This Yearps3-news1/25/2011
Dead Space 2: Horror Will Never Be The Same Againps3-news1/24/2011
Snag DS2 Early, Get Ser Isaac's Armor For Dragon Age IIps3-news1/20/2011
Dead Space 2 Will Reduce Your Mother To Tearsps3-news1/16/2011
Dead Space Save File Nets You Original Plasma Cutter In DS2ps3-news1/2/2011
Dead Space 2 Might Creep You Out Before Christmasps3-news12/4/2010
Dead Space 2 Pre-Order Bonus Is Dead Space Ignitionps3-news10/11/2010

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