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Tag: details

Name Section Date
Tales Of Zestiria Combat Evolving, "Big Surprise" Comingps3-news1/5/2014
New GTAV Info: 50 Bridges And Individual Search Circlesps3-news9/4/2013
Lightning Returns Details: Content, Length, Endings And Moreps3-news8/30/2013
Lighting Returns Info: Lightning's Bust Size And Vanille's Returnps3-news7/29/2013
More Grand Theft Auto V Detailsps3-news7/19/2013
GTAV Details: Lotsa Wild Animals And An Underwater Missionps3-news7/15/2013
Atlus Outlines Customization Options For Dragon's Crownps3-news7/3/2013
You'll Never Have Too Much Cash In GTAVps3-news5/3/2013
NHL 14 Dated, To Boast Several New "Breakthrough Features"ps3-news4/15/2013
Quantic Dream Doesn't Want Beyond Associated With Gunsps3-news3/21/2013
Rumored BF4 Details: Frostbite 2.5, Destruction 4.0, Moreps3-news3/20/2013
Bungie To FPS Fans: Destiny Will Be The Best You've Ever Playedps3-news2/17/2013
Bungie's "Always-Connected" Destiny Coming To PS3 In 2014?ps3-news2/16/2013
New GTAV Details Include Character Switching And Hijackingps3-news1/28/2013
Rumored Fallout 4 Details: A Cyberpunk Boston, Androids, Moreps3-news1/11/2013
Bioshock Infinite Length About The Same As Original Bioshockps3-news1/6/2013
Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Features Mechanics Improvementsps3-news1/2/2013
Square Enix Admits To An "Obsessive Fixation On Lightning"ps3-news12/29/2012
Don't Worry, Lightning Return's Story Will Actually Be Completeps3-news12/27/2012
Lightning Returns Time Mechanic Enhances Game's Longevity?ps3-news12/3/2012
Rockstar: Missions In GTAV Are "More Freeform" Than Beforeps3-news11/14/2012
GTAV Details Leaked: Yep, Sounds Like Good Ol' GTA!ps3-news11/5/2012
Insomniac Was Forced To "Dial Back The Stealth" In Fuseps3-news11/4/2012
Black Ops II Game Director Hands Out More Multiplayer Detailsps3-news10/29/2012
Remember Me: Erase A Person's Memory And Erase Who They Areps3-news9/27/2012
Dead Space 3: New Features Inspired By Fan, Critic Feedbackps3-news7/30/2012
Final Fantasy XIII-2: Previously Unknown Tidbits Revealedps3-news7/7/2012
Revengeance Blade Mode: Slice It All, Including Women's Dressesps3-news6/16/2012
Beyond: Two Souls: 20 Minute E3 Demo Outlined, Summarizedps3-news6/13/2012
Dead Space 3 Rumored Info: Co-Op, New Weapons, Enemiesps3-news5/9/2012
Ascension Details: Multiplayer Won't Gimp Single-Playerps3-news5/1/2012
Medal Of Honor Warfighter To Focus On Real-World Actionps3-news4/10/2012
Platinum Altered Revengeance To Avoid "Censorship Issues"ps3-news4/9/2012
RE6 Details: Demo, Different Zombies, Multiplayer Infops3-news1/22/2012
Capcom: RE6 Is The "Ultimate Horror Entertainment"ps3-news1/20/2012
Tomb Raider Details: Realism Is A Primary Focusps3-news1/2/2012
Mass Effect 3: Bigger, Deeper, And Harder Than Everps3-news12/30/2011
Details Of Famitsu's Perfect Final Fantasy XIII-2 Reviewps3-news12/14/2011
The Last Of Us: Third-Person Confirmed And Story Detailsps3-news12/13/2011
Sources: GTAV In L.A., More Than One Playable Characterps3-news10/25/2011
Skyrim Details: Exploration, Side Quests, Stealth Perksps3-news10/7/2011
Syndicate Reboot Lands Launch Dateps3-news9/28/2011
Uncharted 3 AI Has Been Rebuilt, It's Entirely Unscriptedps3-news9/26/2011
Rumor: Dead Space 3 Details Ariseps3-news9/26/2011
Syndicate Details: Atmosphere, Style, And "Breaching"ps3-news9/17/2011
Vita Peripheral List, Battery Life, Memory Card Infopsp-news9/15/2011
Amy: Examine Chilling Faces Of Horrorps3-news9/5/2011
Hey RPG Fans, You Might Want To Check Out Dead Islandps3-news9/1/2011
Skyrim Boasts 300 Gameplay Hoursps3-news6/30/2011
Amy Details: Run, Fight, Hide, Surviveps3-news6/20/2011

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