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Tag: dice

Name Section Date
Disgruntled Battlefield 4 Community Plans To Go On Strikeps3-news1/1/2015
EA CFO: Battlefield 4 Problems Didn't "Damage" The Brandps3-news3/5/2014
First BF4 Community Mission: Round Up 10 Million Dog Tagsps3-news2/5/2014
D.I.C.E. Awards Nominations Revealed, The Last Of Us Nabs 13ps3-news1/16/2014
EA Not Aiming To Annualize Battlefieldps3-news8/27/2013
DICE May Allow For Battlefield 4 Next-Gen Statistics Migrationps3-news7/26/2013
Battlefield 4 Poll Shows Little Interest In Single-Player Campaignps3-news4/8/2013
DICE: Frame Rate Issue On Consoles Is A "Discussion Of Fidelity"ps3-news3/29/2013
Rumored BF4 Details: Frostbite 2.5, Destruction 4.0, Moreps3-news3/20/2013
Journey Leads 2013 D.I.C.E. Awards With 11 Nominationsps3-news1/14/2013
Swedish Dev Says Mirror's Edge 2 Is In Production At DICEps3-news11/21/2012
DICE: EA "Gets Too Much Crap For Not Being Innovative"ps3-news9/10/2012
DICE Responds To Fan Complaints Concerning Battlefield 4ps3-news8/24/2012
DICE Hints At Return Of Mirror's Edge, Bad Company IPsps3-news8/15/2012
EA: "We Will Continue To Support BF3"ps3-news7/18/2012
DICE Loses Battlefield 3 Lead Designerps3-news7/13/2012
DICE: Amazing Gamers Is More Important Than Being #1ps3-news7/5/2012
EA: Official Battlefield 3 Servers Not Mysteriously Disappearingps3-news5/11/2012
DICE: Blocking Used Games Would Promote Diversityps3-news5/2/2012
DICE On BF3 Online Issues: "Tough To Tell Who's Right"ps3-news4/26/2012
DICE Seeks Engineer To Take Frostbite Into Next-Genps3-news4/3/2012
DICE Looking To Expand Beyond The Battlefield Boundariesps3-news3/13/2012
DICE Cracking Down On BF3 Cheatersps3-news1/13/2012
Back To Karkand Easter Egg Hints At Battlefield 2143?ps3-news12/19/2011
Your Craziest BF3 Moments Could Earn You A Trip To DICEps3-news12/18/2011
EA Believes BF3 Stole Market Share Away From CoDps3-news12/9/2011
Battlefield 3 Patch Hits Consoles "Shortly After PC"ps3-news11/21/2011
DICE Won't Tolerate Cheating Or Exploiting In BF3ps3-news11/11/2011
Has EA Missed An Opportunity To Eat Into CoD's Reign?ps3-news10/26/2011
Is Battlefield 3 The Most Visually Analyzed Game Of 2011?ps3-news10/23/2011
DICE's Last-Second BF3 Tinkering May Delay Reviewsps3-news10/20/2011
DICE On Console BF3: "We've Passed The Competition"ps3-news10/13/2011
DICE On BF3 vs. MW3: Our Game Will Be "Very Different"ps3-news10/11/2011
DICE Talks BF3 Beta Intentions, Future Of Bad Companyps3-news10/7/2011
Battlefield 3 Beta: 6 Times The Size Of Bad Company 2 Betaps3-news10/4/2011
DICE Listens To Testers, Fixes Battlefield 3 Bugsps3-news10/2/2011
BF3 Producer Bach Critical Of His Previous Effortsps3-news9/29/2011
DICE On Mirror's Edge Sequel: "Nothing's Impossible"ps3-news9/7/2011
DICE: The Console Versions Of Battlefield 3 Won't Suckps3-news8/31/2011
DICE Boasting "Years Worth" Of Battlefield 3 Unlocksps3-news8/8/2011
New Battlefield 3 Point System Detailedps3-news8/8/2011
EA Plans To Shell Out Big Time For Battlefield 3ps3-news7/13/2011
Will FPS Devs Just Admit They Only Care About Multiplayer?ps3-news7/10/2011
DICE Won't Use Controversy As A BF3 Marketing Toolps3-news7/5/2011
DICE Wants To Cut Down On "Base Rape" In Battlefield 3ps3-news6/25/2011
DICE's Andersson Goes Silent Due To "Troll Journalists"ps3-news6/21/2011
DICE: Battlefield 3 At 720p On Consoles...You're Surprised?ps3-news6/19/2011
Battlefield 3 Vehicle List Is Impressiveps3-news5/16/2011
EA: Battlefield 3 Designed To "Take Down" Call Of Dutyps3-news5/4/2011
Battlefield 3 Won't Be "Dumbed Down" For Mass Appealps3-news4/26/2011

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