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Tag: dishonored

Name Section Date
Rumor: Dishonored II Will Be Announced At This Year's E3ps3-news3/3/2014
2K Reveals Two $30 Bundles Featuring Award-Winning Titlesps3-news1/17/2014
Bethesda Confirms Dishonored Game Of The Year Editionps3-news9/12/2013
Brigmore Witches DLC Impressions: It's Finally Daud's Turnps3-news8/24/2013
Dishonored Brigmore Witches DLC Arrives, Last Step For Daudps3-news8/13/2013
Rumor: Dishonored Game Of The Year Edition Coming Soonps3-news8/6/2013
Dishonored The Brigmore Witches DLC Detailed And Datedps3-news7/16/2013
Dishonored Void Walker's Arsenal DLC Delivers Pre-Order Bonusesps3-news5/4/2013
Some Hands-On Time With Dishonored: Dunwall City Trials Packps3-news4/16/2013
Dishonored: The Knife Of Dunwall DLC Detailed And Datedps3-news3/13/2013
Journey Wins Five BAFTAs, Dishonored Takes Home Best Gameps3-news3/6/2013
Dishonored Exceeds Expectations, Will Become A Franchiseps3-news11/28/2012
Dishonored Dunwall City Trials DLC Lands On December 11ps3-news11/27/2012
Okay, Dishonored Needs To Sell More Over The Holidaysps3-news11/18/2012
The Best Killer Moves In Dishonored Will Earn A Sokolov Paintingps3-news10/26/2012
Best Games Of 2012: Fair To Compare Dishonored And Journey?ps3-news10/25/2012
Dishonored DLC Will Hit PS3, 360, And PC Simultaneouslyps3-news10/25/2012
PSXE Poll Update: Dishonored Has Gone Over Rather Wellps3-news10/21/2012
Dishonored's Popularity Shows Gamers Still Love Stealthps3-news10/20/2012
We Lost Bioshock In 2012 But We Got Dishonored...Fair Trade?ps3-news10/4/2012
All These Installs Are Driving Me Nutsps3-news10/4/2012
Arkane: Dishonored Will Take You A Bare Minimum Of 22 Hoursps3-news10/2/2012
Dishonored Dev: Current Consoles Not Close To Maxing Outps3-news10/1/2012
Dishonored Golden, But Are PS3 Owners Holding Their Breaths?ps3-news9/28/2012
Arkane's Philosophy For Dishonored: Say Yes To The Playerps3-news9/23/2012
Arkane Studios Reflects On The Process Of Making Dishonoredps3-news9/18/2012
Nail An Awesome Drunken Whaler Remix, Get Dishonored Freeps3-news9/16/2012
Dishonored Developer Doc Explores The Concept Of Immersionps3-news9/11/2012
Bethesda To PS3 Owners: Dishonored Won't Be Buggyps3-news9/4/2012
Dishonored Study Of Stealth Gameplay: Won't Know What Hit 'Emps3-news8/23/2012
Dishonored Encourages You To Get All Creative With Killingps3-news8/9/2012
Top GotY Contenders: Dishonored And Assassin's Creed IIIps3-news8/3/2012
Dishonored Boasts Big-Time Voice Talentps3-news8/3/2012
Dishonored Daring Escapes: Pick Blink, Bend Time Or Possessionps3-news7/26/2012
Dishonored Dev: Fiction In Games Has Suffered This Generationps3-news7/19/2012
Arkane Studios: The Successful Titles Are Usually Sequelsps3-news7/12/2012
Dishonored Stealth Gameplay: Sneaky Assassins Always Winps3-news6/28/2012
Dishonored Launch Date Confirmed, Clear Your Name This Fallps3-news5/10/2012
Rumor: Dishonored Hits On September 25ps3-news4/30/2012
Dishonored May Be A Glimpse Of The Industry's Futureps3-news4/17/2012
Dishonored Debut Trailer Will Leave You Wanting Moreps3-news4/17/2012
First Dishonored Screenshot Elevates Our Curiosityps3-news7/12/2011
Dishonored: A Game About "Morality And Player Choice"ps3-news7/7/2011

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