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Tag: dnf

Name Section Date
Duke Nukem Forever Among The Worst Games Of 2012 In Japanps3-news4/13/2013
The Duke Gets A Hail To The Icons Parody Packps3-news7/26/2011
Poor Duke Effort Will Affect Take-Two's Bottom Lineps3-news7/5/2011
2K Games Fires PR Group After DNF Review Fiascops3-news6/15/2011
Maybe We Shouldn't Be Taking Duke So Damn Seriouslyps3-news6/12/2011
PSXE Poll Update: Gamers Lukewarm On Duke's Returnps3-news6/5/2011
2K: Duke Brings Over-The-Top Fun Back To FPSsps3-news6/4/2011
GameStop: Still Got Your Decade-Old DNF Receipt?ps3-news5/30/2011
PSXE Poll Update: L.A. Noire Satisfies Many A Gamerps3-news5/29/2011
Hell Has Frozen Over: Duke Nukem Forever Is Goldenps3-news5/24/2011
Rumor: Duke Nukem Forever Demo Landing Next Weekps3-news5/10/2011
Gearbox: "We Had To Bring DNF To The PlayStation 3"ps3-news4/20/2011
DNF Video: What Would Duke Do?ps3-news4/1/2011
Gearbox: We're Sorry, But Duke Won't Be Ready In Mayps3-news3/24/2011
DNF Multiplayer Modes: Slap The "Freaked Out" Babeps3-news3/21/2011
DNF Pre-Order Incentives Include Duke's Big Packageps3-news2/21/2011
2K Unveils Duke Nukem Forever Balls Of Steel Editionps3-news2/11/2011
Time To Party With The King In Vegasps3-news2/3/2011
PSXE Poll Update: The Duke Needs To Prove His Mettleps3-news1/30/2011
PSXE Poll Update: Fans Want FFXIII-2, But Desire Changesps3-news1/23/2011
Duke Nukem Forever: Vaporware Becomes Reality In Mayps3-news1/21/2011
Duke Nukem Fan Movie Dripping With Duke-ish Attitudeps3-news12/27/2010
DNF Campaign Is "Huge," 3x The Size Of Last CoDps3-news10/13/2010
Gearbox: "Almost Inconceivable" DNF Would Be On PS3ps3-news10/12/2010
Gearbox: We're "Dead Sure" Duke Nukem Forever Is Comingps3-news10/7/2010
DNF Trailer: Duke Gets Nasty With Aliens And Ladies Alikeps3-news10/7/2010
Borderlands GotY Edition Gives Early Access To DNF Demo?ps3-news10/5/2010
PSXE Poll Update: Duke Not King, But Still Pretty Coolps3-news9/12/2010
Gearbox Software: Duke Hasn't Nuked Our Other Projectsps3-news9/6/2010
Gearbox Now Owns Duke Nukem IPps3-news9/5/2010
Really Real Gameplay Found For Duke Nukem Foreverps3-news9/3/2010
Duke Nukem Co-Creator: Look, The Pigs Are Flying!ps3-news9/2/2010
Duke Nukem Forever Alive, Demo Might Drop In 2010ps3-news8/11/2010

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