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Name Section Date
A Real-Life Wedding Proposal Inspired By A Skyrim Itemps3-news4/7/2014
Skyrim's New Sales Milestone: 20 Millionps3-news1/27/2014
2K Reveals Two $30 Bundles Featuring Award-Winning Titlesps3-news1/17/2014
Is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim The Best Game Of The Generation?ps3-news8/5/2013
Bethesda: "That's Not A Strategy Guide, THAT'S A Strategy Guide"ps3-news6/1/2013
Skyrim Legendary Edition Confirmed, Will Launch On June 4ps3-news4/25/2013
Rumor: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition Comingps3-news4/19/2013
Bethesda Focusing On New Project, Will Still Support Skyrimps3-news4/15/2013
Hardcore Skyrim Fans Can Pony Up For Dragonborn Statuesps3-news3/12/2013
Extra Content For Skyrim PS3 Datedps3-news2/1/2013
All Skyrim DLC Finally Hits PlayStation Network Next Monthps3-news1/18/2013
Bethesda Striving To Deliver All Skyrim DLC To PS3 Ownersps3-news12/6/2012
Will Dragon Age III Feel More Like Skyrim?ps3-news12/5/2012
Skyrim Dragonborn DLC Finds Its Way To PS3 In "Early 2013"ps3-news12/3/2012
Bethesda: Extra Skyrim Content "Will Be Coming To PS3"ps3-news11/28/2012
Skyrim DLC For PS3 Might Be Too Little Too Late, Bethesdaps3-news11/8/2012
Skyrim Dragonborn DLC Confirmed, But Not For PS3 Ownersps3-news11/5/2012
Missed Out On Skyrim? Get Ready For The Premium Editionps3-news10/28/2012
Dragonborn DLC For Skyrim Might Let Us Ride Dragons Aroundps3-news10/16/2012
Still No Skyrim DLC For PS3 Ownersps3-news10/4/2012
Sony Working Closely With Bethesda But Can't Promise Anythingps3-news9/9/2012
Bethesda To PS3 Owners: Dishonored Won't Be Buggyps3-news9/4/2012
Bethesda Having Trouble Bringing Skyrim Dawnguard To PS3ps3-news8/31/2012
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Hearthfire DLC: All Sorts Of Domesticps3-news8/28/2012
Rumor: Skyrim DLC "Heartfire" May Introduce Necromancyps3-news8/20/2012
When's Dawnguard Coming To Skyrim On PS3? ...Well, Wheneverps3-news7/26/2012
Bethesda: Skyrim DLC Info Might Finally Arrive "Next Week"ps3-news4/26/2012
Bethesda: Skyrim PS3 Is Fine For The "Vast Majority"ps3-news2/17/2012
Skyrim Has A Big Night At IAAsps3-news2/10/2012
Gamer Chases Continuous Playing Record With Skyrimps3-news12/30/2011
Skyrim Ships 10 Million Worldwideps3-news12/15/2011
PSXE Poll Update: Skyrim Still A Beast Despite Glitchesps3-news12/11/2011
Most Played Game In 2011: The Honor Goes To Skyrimps3-news12/8/2011
Possible Solution To Lag, Freezing In Skyrim PS3ps3-news12/6/2011
Mikami's Studio Receives Massive Skyrim Shipmentps3-news12/3/2011
Skyrim Update: Patch For A Patchps3-news12/2/2011
Skyrim Patch Out In Europe, Seems To Fix PS3 Problemsps3-news11/28/2011
100 Ways To Die In Skyrim, Laughing All The Wayps3-news11/26/2011
Update: The PS3 Version Of Skyrim Might Be Brokenps3-news11/24/2011
Odd Discovery: Morrowind, Oblivion Found In Skyrimps3-news11/22/2011
Skyrim Ships 7 Million, Should Result In $450 Million Returnps3-news11/16/2011
Bethesda On Skyrim Bugs: Calm Down, We're Working On Itps3-news11/15/2011
Skyrim A Hit, Sells 3.4 Million Worldwide In Two Daysps3-news11/14/2011
Skyrim Video Commentary: Charging Mammoths Suckps3-news11/14/2011
PSXE Poll Update: Skyrim Lives Up To Expectationsps3-news11/13/2011
Essentially, Skyrim Never Endsps3-news11/10/2011
MW3 And Skyrim: Biggest Contrast In Gaming History?ps3-news11/9/2011
Should We Be Concerned About First-Day Patches?ps3-news11/8/2011
DLC Coming For Skyrim, But Less Is Definitely Moreps3-news11/7/2011
PSXE Poll Update: PS3 Has Some Power Left To Findps3-news11/6/2011

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