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Name Section Date
Final Fantasy XIV's Annual Starlight Celebration Now Availableps3-news12/18/2013
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Back Up For Digital Saleps3-news9/17/2013
Square Enix's Apology For FFXIV Server Woes: 7 More Daysps3-news9/3/2013
"Emergency Maintenance" For FFXIV: A Realm Reborn...Alreadyps3-news8/25/2013
Final Fantasy XIV Beta Dates Set, More Incentives Detailedps3-news8/11/2013
Sign Up Now To Be A Beta Tester For FFXIV: A Realm Rebornps3-news1/7/2013
Do PS3 Owners Still Want FFXIV?ps3-news11/20/2012
Do New FFXIV PS3 Details Imply The Release Is Nigh?ps3-news10/10/2012
FFXIV Progress Report: PS3 Version Sill Quite A Ways Offps3-news6/7/2012
Square Enix Reveals Overhaul, "New Direction" For FFXIVps3-news11/25/2011
Final Fantasy XIV Finally Hits PS3 For Holiday 2012ps3-news10/14/2011
Square Enix: Final Fantasy Has Been "Greatly Damaged"ps3-news9/27/2011
Will PS3 Version Of FFXIV Prove Square-Enix's Dedication?ps3-news4/3/2011
Square-Enix Turns To Players For FFXIV Fix-It Feedbackps3-news1/3/2011
Square-Enix "Deeply Regrets" FFXIV, Delays PS3 Versionps3-news12/10/2010
Square-Enix Talks FFXIV PS3 Updates And Differencesps3-news11/17/2010
Square-Enix Didn't Implement Beta Feedback For FFXIVps3-news11/12/2010
Can PS3 Owners Expect A Better Final Fantasy XIV?ps3-news10/21/2010
Square-Enix: Please Wait "3-4 Weeks" Before Reviewing FFXIVps3-news9/29/2010
FFXIV Director Clarifies Fatigue Systemps3-news8/26/2010
Gain Experience In FFXIV For Only 8 Hours Per Weekps3-news8/25/2010
FFXIV Only On PS3/PC Because Microsoft Said "No"ps3-news7/12/2010

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