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Tag: gearbox

Name Section Date
Car Bomb Threat At Borderlands Studiops3-news10/4/2014
Sega Claims Gearbox Did A Poor Job Marketing Aliensps3-news9/3/2014
Gearbox Defends Itself In Aliens: Colonial Marines Lawsuitps3-news7/31/2014
New Duke Nukem Invites Lawsuitps3-news2/23/2014
Borderlands 2 GotY Edition Confirmed, We Get Tons O' Contentps3-news8/28/2013
Gearbox, Sega Sued For Misrepresenting Aliens: Colonial Marinesps3-news4/30/2013
Gearbox Teases New Borderlands 2 Class, Level Cap Increaseps3-news3/14/2013
Aliens: Colonial Marines Developer Suffers A Round Of Layoffsps3-news3/4/2013
Source Reports Gearbox Lied To Sega, 2K About Aliens Gameps3-news2/19/2013
Source: Sega Questioned Gearbox's Commitment To Aliensps3-news2/13/2013
Rumor: Development On Aliens Game Was A "Total Train-wreck"ps3-news2/11/2013
Gearbox: "We Love Brothers In Arms"ps3-news2/11/2013
Gearbox: Colonial Marines To Capture The Essence Of The Filmsps3-news1/28/2013
Gearbox Turned Down Call Of Duty...And Do You Know Why?ps3-news1/11/2013
Borderlands 2 Receives Support As Long As It Remains Popularps3-news12/27/2012
Borderlands 2 Proves Wicked Popular: 5 Million Shippedps3-news10/31/2012
Gearbox: "Chill Out Internet," Work On Borderlands 3 Hasn't Begunps3-news10/2/2012
Dedicated Gamer Hits Borderlands 2 Level Cap In Just 43 Hoursps3-news9/24/2012
Dear Friend: DNF Isn't About Misogyny, It's About Being Disgustingps3-news9/18/2012
Brothers In Arms: Furious 4 To Become A Brand New IPps3-news9/3/2012
Borderlands 2 Golden...Almost Officiallyps3-news8/17/2012
Borderlands 2 Done, Developer Shifting Focus To DLCps3-news7/20/2012
Gearbox: Borderlands 2 Budget A Lot Higher Than The Originalps3-news7/13/2012
Aliens Writer: The Heart Of The Story Is A Female Characterps3-news7/10/2012
Borderlands 2: Fixes, Upgrades, And Additions Galoreps3-news5/20/2012
Gearbox Seeks A Real-Life Lilith For Borderlands 2ps3-news11/30/2011
Rumor: Source Confirms Borderlands 2 For Next Yearps3-news8/3/2011
Maybe We Shouldn't Be Taking Duke So Damn Seriouslyps3-news6/12/2011
2K: Duke Brings Over-The-Top Fun Back To FPSsps3-news6/4/2011
Hell Has Frozen Over: Duke Nukem Forever Is Goldenps3-news5/24/2011
DNF Multiplayer Modes: Slap The "Freaked Out" Babeps3-news3/21/2011
Time To Party With The King In Vegasps3-news2/3/2011
Duke Nukem Forever: Vaporware Becomes Reality In Mayps3-news1/21/2011
Gearbox Not Done With Borderlandsps3-news1/10/2011
Gearbox: "Almost Inconceivable" DNF Would Be On PS3ps3-news10/12/2010
Gearbox: We're "Dead Sure" Duke Nukem Forever Is Comingps3-news10/7/2010
DNF Trailer: Duke Gets Nasty With Aliens And Ladies Alikeps3-news10/7/2010
Borderlands GotY Edition Gives Early Access To DNF Demo?ps3-news10/5/2010
Gearbox Software: Duke Hasn't Nuked Our Other Projectsps3-news9/6/2010
Gearbox Now Owns Duke Nukem IPps3-news9/5/2010
Duke Nukem Co-Creator: Look, The Pigs Are Flying!ps3-news9/2/2010
Duke Nukem Forever Alive, Demo Might Drop In 2010ps3-news8/11/2010

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