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Tag: info

Name Section Date
Dark Souls II Update: Hollow Form Won't Stop Player Invasionps3-news1/29/2014
GTAV Online Sounds Incredibly Immersive And Very Diverseps3-news9/30/2013
New GTAV Info: 50 Bridges And Individual Search Circlesps3-news9/4/2013
Call Of Duty Infographic Is Impressive...And A Little Frighteningps3-news8/13/2013
Lighting Returns Info: Lightning's Bust Size And Vanille's Returnps3-news7/29/2013
More Grand Theft Auto V Detailsps3-news7/19/2013
GTAV Details: Lotsa Wild Animals And An Underwater Missionps3-news7/15/2013
Modern Warfare 4 Gameplay Leak: More Dynamic Features?ps3-news3/31/2013
Battlefield 4 Images For Early Perusalps3-news3/26/2013
New GTAV Details Include Character Switching And Hijackingps3-news1/28/2013
Lightning Returns Info: "Style" System, Combat Is "ATB Amazing"ps3-news12/25/2012
Tomb Raider Quest About 15 Hours, No Need For Health Packsps3-news11/25/2012
Rockstar: Missions In GTAV Are "More Freeform" Than Beforeps3-news11/14/2012
GTAV Will Feature Three Protagonistsps3-news11/8/2012
GTAV Details Leaked: Yep, Sounds Like Good Ol' GTA!ps3-news11/5/2012
Insomniac Was Forced To "Dial Back The Stealth" In Fuseps3-news11/4/2012
The Last Of Us: Persistent Health And The Balance Of Powerps3-news3/26/2012
RE6 Details: Demo, Different Zombies, Multiplayer Infops3-news1/22/2012
Capcom: RE6 Is The "Ultimate Horror Entertainment"ps3-news1/20/2012
How Kingdoms Of Amalur Stands Out From The RPG Crowdps3-news1/19/2012
Nomura Talks Technical Improvements In Versus XIIIps3-news1/18/2012
GI Mystery Game: Old-School Gamers Will Love Itps3-news1/1/2012
GI: Developer Of Big New Game Will Surprise Manyps3-news12/23/2011
DUST 514: Perfect Warriors Need Awesome Dropsuitsps3-news12/19/2011
GTAV Rumored Details: Freedom, Scale and Storyps3-news11/9/2011
Hitman: Absolution Stays True To The Franchise Rootsps3-news10/4/2011
Final Fantasy Type-0: Real-Time Strategy Elementspsp-news10/2/2011
Resistance 3 Seeks To Take Franchise To New Levelsps3-news5/19/2011
Valve Talks Portal 2, Confirms DLC For This Summerps3-news4/27/2011
New Mass Effect 3 Info: Gameplay And Increased Difficultyps3-news4/24/2011
Deus Ex Developers "Very Confident" In PS3 Versionps3-news3/26/2011
Activision: Dance Like A Hero...Soon?ps3-news3/8/2011
The Last Guardian Info: Torico, Guards And Gameplayps3-news3/8/2011
Killzone 3 Boasts 70 Minutes Worth Of Cut-Scenesps3-news1/13/2011
Mass Of Skyrim Details: Story, Combat, Social, Structure, Moreps3-news1/8/2011
Skyrim GI Scans Arrive, Definitely Won't Be A MMORPGps3-news1/7/2011
February Game Informer: Skyrim Leads, Silent Hill Unveiledps3-news1/6/2011
Uncharted 3 "More Open," But Focus Remains On Storyps3-news1/2/2011
Naughty Dog Talks Uncharted Territoryps3-news12/28/2010
Resistance 3 Info: Trailer Footage Info, Development Updateps3-news12/12/2010
Pachter Clarifies PSP2 "Dead On Arrival" Commentpsp-news12/10/2010
Catherine Gameplay Detailed, Appears Puzzle-Orientedps3-news12/10/2010
Uncharted 3 Details: 3D, Storyline Info, Greatness Returnsps3-news12/9/2010
Sources Praise L.A. Noire, Rockstar Teases Big Updateps3-news12/3/2010
Catherine Update: Drunkenness And Love Trianglesps3-news11/17/2010
Ueda On Last Guardian: Pressure, Emotion, Inspirationps3-news11/10/2010
Catherine Gets Japanese Date, First Gameplay Screenshotps3-news10/22/2010
Resistance 3: Story, Gameplay And Weapon Detailsps3-news10/12/2010
Resistance 3 Hits GI Cover, New Main Character Confirmedps3-news10/7/2010
Arkham City Gameplay, Story Detailsps3-news8/10/2010

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