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Tag: journey

Name Section Date
Thatgamecompany Lands $7 Million To Help Fund New Projectps3-news5/27/2014
Chen Wants Games To Be Respected By All Ages And Gendersps3-news4/17/2014
Journey, The Unfinished Swan Bundle Now Available On PSNps3-news7/31/2013
Thatgamecompany Finally Starting To Earn Royalties For Journeyps3-news6/24/2013
Thatgamecompany Must Be Under Tremendous Pressureps3-news4/15/2013
Journey Takes Home Top Honors At GDCps3-news3/28/2013
Journey Wins Five BAFTAs, Dishonored Takes Home Best Gameps3-news3/6/2013
Former Thatgamecompany Art Director Founds New Studiops3-news3/3/2013
Journey Leads BAFTAs With Eight Nodsps3-news2/12/2013
Journey Soundtrack Bested By The Girl With The Dragon Tattoops3-news2/11/2013
Chen On Journey's Creation: It Bankrupted The Companyps3-news2/11/2013
Journey Leads 2013 D.I.C.E. Awards With 11 Nominationsps3-news1/14/2013
Journey Climbs Back To The Top Of PSN Chart In Decemberps3-news1/10/2013
Journey Has Become The Industry's Darling, But Why?ps3-news12/26/2012
Journey Composer Austin Wintory Gets A Grammy Nominationps3-news12/6/2012
Best Games Of 2012: Fair To Compare Dishonored And Journey?ps3-news10/25/2012
Pre-Order Journey Hardcover Art Book, Get A Signed Copyps3-news9/9/2012
Journey's Gorgeous Hardcover Art Bookps3-news8/28/2012
Thatgamecompany Opens Store, Get TGC T-Shirt, Buttons, Cardsps3-news7/23/2012
Journey Collector's Edition Dated, Pricedps3-news6/25/2012
Who's Up For More Disc-Based Downloadable Collections?ps3-news6/22/2012
Thatgamecompany's Tremendous Trio Bundled On Blu-Rayps3-news6/21/2012
Journey May Be The Front-Runner For Game Of The Yearps3-news6/14/2012
Thatgamecompany Gets Funding, Goes Fully Independentps3-news6/14/2012
Jenova Chen: Sony Has A "More Artistic And Adult Taste"ps3-news5/8/2012
Thatgamecompany Should Announce New Title This Yearps3-news5/4/2012
Journey Sets PSN Sales Record, Official Soundtrack Comingps3-news3/29/2012
Journey Devs: "Pushing The Boundaries Of The Emotional Spectrum"ps3-news3/5/2012
Journey Trophies Emphasize Exploration, Cooperationps3-news2/27/2012
Thatgamecompany's Next Project Likely Won't Be PS3 Exclusiveps3-news2/25/2012
The Journey Begins On March 13ps3-news2/16/2012
We May Take A Journey In Marchps3-news2/11/2012
Journey Seeks To "Create A Human Connection"ps3-news1/2/2012
Journey "Just Hit A Major Milestone"ps3-news12/29/2011
Springtime Brings A Unique Journeyps3-news9/27/2011
20 Minutes Of Stunning Journey Gameplay Surfacesps3-news6/29/2011
Journey: "De-empowering" The Player And Emotional Chordsps3-news6/6/2011
Chen Talks Journey And Expanding The Gamer's Horizonps3-news1/11/2011
Journey's Mystifying Official Trailerps3-news12/16/2010
TGC: Sony Supports Artistic Visionsps3-news8/11/2010

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