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Tag: killzone

Name Section Date
Killzone: Mercenary War Is Our Business Gameplay Trailer Debutsps3-news1/31/2013
Killzone HD Date, Trophies Revealedps3-news9/14/2012
Killzone Trilogy Confirmed, Lock And Load On October 23ps3-news9/6/2012
Amazon France Lists Killzone Trilogyps3-news8/31/2012
Guerrilla's New Project To Be Online Multiplayer-Oriented?ps3-news6/9/2012
Sony At E3: Guerrilla Games, Naughty Dog May Rule The Showps3-news5/15/2012
Killzone 3 Gets Standalone Multiplayerps3-news2/24/2012
Killzone Misses PSN, Guerrilla Says It's "Delayed Indefinitely"ps3-news2/8/2012
Rumor: Killzone 4, Killzone Vita Title, New IP In Developmentps3-news1/31/2012
Original Killzone Targets PSNps3-news1/11/2012
Forget MW3 And BF3, RAGE Might Be The Best Of 2011ps3-news11/20/2011
Guerrilla Working On Killzone 4 For PlayStation 4?ps3-news11/18/2011
Killzone 3, Resistance 3, GoldenEye All Get Move Bundles?ps3-news10/18/2011
Four PS3 Titles Slated To Become Greatest Hits Soon?ps3-news8/20/2011
Virgin Gaming's $40K KZ3 Tournament Starts Mondayps3-news6/23/2011
Killzone 3 DLC Hits PSN Next Weekps3-news6/17/2011
KZ3 Steel Rain DLC Set For April 12ps3-news4/7/2011
Crysis 2: Proof That Exclusives Are In A Class Of Their Ownps3-news3/23/2011
Channel Your Inner Director In The KZ3 Trailer Contestps3-news3/18/2011
Edge, Schick Bring DLC To Three Top PS3 Exclusivesps3-news3/15/2011
Guerrilla Details KZ3 Version 1.04ps3-news3/4/2011
PSXE Poll Update: Most PS3 Owners Want Killzone 3ps3-news2/27/2011
Two New Patches Will Enable Custom Games In Killzone 3ps3-news2/23/2011
Epic's CliffyB Loves Him Some Killzoneps3-news2/22/2011
Killzone 3 Rockets To #1 At Amazon's Game Divisionps3-news2/22/2011
PSXE Video: Killzone 3 Commentaryps3-news2/21/2011
PSXE Poll Update: Gamers Psyched For The NGPpsp-news2/20/2011
Kevin Butler Doubles Up On Killzone 3ps3-news2/18/2011
Guerrilla Outlines Updates, Fixes For Killzone 3ps3-news2/17/2011
Limited Edition PS3 160GB Killzone 3 Bundle Revealedps3-news2/15/2011
Guerrilla: "We Are Not Suspending Killzone 2 Servers"ps3-news2/14/2011
PSXE Poll Update: Fans Ignoring Negative KZ3 Reviewsps3-news2/13/2011
Guerrilla Ceasing Online Support For Killzone 2?ps3-news2/12/2011
A Half-Million Sample KZ3, Guerrilla Preps Patchps3-news2/9/2011
Guerrilla: 1080p For Killzone 3 Just "Wasn't Possible"ps3-news2/7/2011
SCE Cambridge Handling Creation Of Killzone For NGPpsp-news2/6/2011
Guerrilla: NGP Has Potential To "Dominate Portables"psp-news2/4/2011
Is Killzone 3 A Disappointing Sequel?ps3-news2/3/2011
KZ3 Retro Map Pack Delivers Two KZ2 Multiplayer Mapsps3-news2/3/2011
Killzone 3 Open Beta Starts With Big Prize Opportunityps3-news2/1/2011
Sample The Single-Player Of Killzone 3 On February 15ps3-news1/26/2011
Helghast Invade Home Central Plazaps3-news1/24/2011
Guerrilla: New Ideas "Floating Around" For Next Killzoneps3-news1/21/2011
Buy Killzone 3, Gain Early Entry Into SOCOM 4 Betaps3-news1/21/2011
Guerrilla Addressed Lag From KZ2, KZ3 Is "More Fluid"ps3-news1/18/2011
Killzone 3 Boasts 70 Minutes Worth Of Cut-Scenesps3-news1/13/2011
Try The Fan-Made Killzone Card Gameps3-news1/11/2011
Killzone 3 CES Trailer Highlights Emphasis On Storyps3-news1/7/2011
Killzone 3 ESRB Rating: Violence In Explicit Detailps3-news12/31/2010
Could Guerrilla's New IP Be A Blend Of Fantasy And Shooter?ps3-news12/27/2010

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