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Name Section Date
BioWare Wants Feedback On The Mass Effect 3 Multiplayerps3-news4/11/2013
Mass Effect 3 Co-Op DLC Implements Single-Player Progressps3-news2/3/2013
BioWare Teases Mass Effect 3 DLCps3-news1/29/2013
This Weekend's ME3 Multiplayer Event Is Operation: Prophecyps3-news12/22/2012
BioWare Planning More Mass Effect 3 DLCps3-news12/5/2012
Groundside Resistance, Omega DLC Confirmed For ME3ps3-news10/17/2012
BioWare Bosses Gone, Pachter Blames "Whining" Gamersps3-news10/8/2012
Mass Effect 3 Leviathan DLC Launch Trailer: Look, Waterps3-news8/24/2012
Mass Effect 3 Leviathan DLC Confirmedps3-news8/2/2012
Has BioWare Permanently Lost Fans Due To ME3 Fiasco?ps3-news7/15/2012
BioWare: "Much More" DLC For ME3ps3-news6/27/2012
BioWare Has Listened And Tried, So Don't Act Like Childrenps3-news6/25/2012
Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut Seeks To Heal Wounds Next Weekps3-news6/22/2012
UK Ad Bureau Says EA Did Not Falsely Advertise ME3ps3-news6/13/2012
Mass Effect 3 Rebellion DLC Offers New Content Next Weekps3-news5/24/2012
Mass Effect 3 Rebellion DLC Outedps3-news5/16/2012
BioWare Gets ME3 PS3 Players Caught Up On Multiplayer Funps3-news5/12/2012
Mass Effect 3 Operation Exorcist Brings Weekend Challenges To PS3ps3-news4/27/2012
Sony Working With EA To Deliver ME3 Multiplayer Weekends To PS3ps3-news4/19/2012
Better Business Bureau: ME3 Is Guilty Of False Advertisingps3-news4/11/2012
ME3 Fans, Fair Warning: Don't Complain About The Extended Cutps3-news4/9/2012
Mass Effect 3 Patch To Fix A Variety Of Bugs, Add Stabilityps3-news4/9/2012
BioWare Reveals Free ME3 DLC: Resurgence Packps3-news4/6/2012
Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut Set To Appease Vexed Fansps3-news4/5/2012
Mass Effect 3 Fans: You're Not Wrong, It's Just Your Attitudeps3-news4/3/2012
PSXE Poll Update: BioWare Shouldn't Write A New ME3 Endingps3-news4/1/2012
BioWare Gets Cupcakes...What Should We Get Square Enix?ps3-news3/27/2012
PSXE Poll Update: Japanese Devs Are Losing Their Touchps3-news3/25/2012
Mass Effect 3 Fan Charity Drive Ends Up Confusing Peopleps3-news3/25/2012
Did ME3 Get High Scores Because Many Critics Didn't Finish It?ps3-news3/21/2012
Levine: Nobody Will Be Happy If BioWare Does A New ME3 Endingps3-news3/21/2012
All This Mass Effect 3 Insanity Is Setting A Nasty Precedentps3-news3/19/2012
BioWare Responds To ME3 Ending Backlash, Are Fans Pacified?ps3-news3/18/2012
ME3 Multiplayer Stats: 83 Billion Credits, 1,800 Years Of Play Timeps3-news3/17/2012
Would You Have Played The ME3 Online Multiplayer FPS?ps3-news3/15/2012
BioWare: ME3 Ending Designed To Get Everyone Talkingps3-news3/14/2012
Mass Effect 3 Petitioners Raise $27k For Child's Play Charityps3-news3/14/2012
Will The Mass Effect 3 Scandal Make The Game More Popular?ps3-news3/13/2012
Mass Effect 3 Online Petition: Give Us A New Ending!ps3-news3/11/2012
ME3 Producer: "If The Fans Only Knew What We Were Planning..."ps3-news3/9/2012
Mass Effect 3 Ships 3.5 Million, 890,000 Sold In North Americaps3-news3/9/2012
Note To Game Makers: Don't Force Me To Play Multiplayerps3-news3/7/2012
Maybe Ebert Should Play Journey, Toops3-news3/6/2012
Mass Effect 3 Live Action Trailer: Fighting The Good Fightps3-news2/26/2012
BioWare On ME3 DLC: Created After Main Game Was Completeps3-news2/23/2012
Pre-Order Mass Effect 3 On PSN, Dowload It On Launch Dayps3-news2/21/2012
Mass Effect 3 Trailer: Taking Back What's Rightfully Oursps3-news2/20/2012
Want Mass Effect 3 Early? Look To The Heavens And Prayps3-news2/18/2012
Mass Effect 3 Gameplay Vids Highlight AI And Intense Actionps3-news2/10/2012
BioWare: Not A Bad Idea To Keep Your Mass Effect 3 Saveps3-news2/3/2012

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