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Name Section Date
Ghosts Used Recycled Material From Modern Warfare 2?ps3-news11/6/2013
Modern Warfare 4 Gameplay Leak: More Dynamic Features?ps3-news3/31/2013
Activision Confirms A New Call Of Duty For Later This Yearps3-news2/7/2013
Well, Of Course The New Call Of Duty Is Coming To PS3, 360ps3-news11/25/2012
Black Ops II Outsells Black Ops, But Not Modern Warfare 3ps3-news11/24/2012
Call Of Duty 2013 Leaked, Follows Modern Warfare Story Arc?ps3-news11/15/2012
Infinity Ward Denies Bill Murray's Claim About Modern Warfare 4ps3-news10/30/2012
Last Round Of Modern Warfare 3 DLC Dated, Detailedps3-news8/2/2012
West On Activision: "Don't Give Me $100 Million, Fire Me Instead"ps3-news5/24/2012
Modern Warfare 3 PS3 Bundle Comingps3-news5/11/2012
EA's Battlefield 3 Steals "A Significant Share" From CoDps3-news5/8/2012
Activision: Charging Money For Stuff Doesn't Make Us Greedyps3-news4/20/2012
Modern Warfare 3 Fans Angry, Schedule "MW3 Blackout"ps3-news3/29/2012
Modern Warfare 3 DLC Content Calendar For Elite Membersps3-news1/25/2012
GameFly's Most Requested 2011 Title ISN'T Modern Warfare 3ps3-news1/5/2012
Modern Warfare 3 Hits $1 Billion Sales Mark In 16 Daysps3-news12/12/2011
November NPD: MW3 Fuels Record Breaking Monthps3-news12/9/2011
EA Believes BF3 Stole Market Share Away From CoDps3-news12/9/2011
Most Played Game In 2011: The Honor Goes To Skyrimps3-news12/8/2011
Modern Warfare 3 May Be Stifling Ni No Kuni In Japanps3-news11/25/2011
The Most Insane Modern Warfare 3 Knife Kill Everps3-news11/22/2011
PSXE Poll Update: Battlefield 3 Has The Edge Over MW3ps3-news11/20/2011
After Rocky Start, Call Of Duty Elite Is Almost Readyps3-news11/19/2011
Sony Appreciates MW3 For Increased PSN Activityps3-news11/18/2011
MW3 Tops Black Ops, Tallies $775 Million In 5 Daysps3-news11/17/2011
Modern Warfare 3 Sells 12 Million In Week Oneps3-news11/15/2011
When And How Will Call Of Duty Get A New Engine?ps3-news11/15/2011
Man Can't Pick Up MW3, So He Threatens Employeesps3-news11/11/2011
Modern Warfare 3 Breaks Records, Sells 6.5 Millionps3-news11/11/2011
Battlefield 3 Campaign Wins Out Over Modern Warfare 3ps3-news11/10/2011
MW3 And Skyrim: Biggest Contrast In Gaming History?ps3-news11/9/2011
Elite Sign-Ups Exceed Even The "Most Optimistic Expectations"ps3-news11/9/2011
What Are All The Non-Call Of Duty Fans Playing This Week?ps3-news11/8/2011
Infinity Ward: Industry Benefits If Both MW3 And BF3 Succeedps3-news11/8/2011
What Game Would Make You Attend A Midnight Launch?ps3-news11/7/2011
Modern Warfare 3 Pre-Orders End Up At Around 9 Millionps3-news11/7/2011
Heat-Like Truck Heist In France: 6,000 MW3 Copies Stolenps3-news11/7/2011
Modern Warfare 3 Trailer: Watch And Learn, N00bps3-news11/6/2011
Kmart Sells MW3 Early, Leads To Total eBay Insanityps3-news11/4/2011
Wal-Mart Gives You A Chance To Play MW3 Earlyps3-news11/3/2011
Does GTAV Have A Chance To Outsell Modern Warfare 3?ps3-news11/2/2011
EA Backs Off On Activision, Makes A Play For Peaceps3-news11/1/2011
Has EA Missed An Opportunity To Eat Into CoD's Reign?ps3-news10/26/2011
Pachter: Modern Warfare 3 Is Easy Holiday Winnerps3-news10/24/2011
Sledgehammer: Our Competition Is Modern Warfare 2ps3-news10/15/2011
DICE On BF3 vs. MW3: Our Game Will Be "Very Different"ps3-news10/11/2011
MW3 Designer: "We've Absolutely Got New Mechanics"ps3-news10/10/2011
Would Low Review Scores Actually Impact MW3 Sales?ps3-news10/6/2011
Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Video: Spec Ops In Parisps3-news10/4/2011
Is MW3 vs. BF3 Turning Into Xbox 360 vs. PlayStation 3?ps3-news9/30/2011

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