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Tag: moh

Name Section Date
Warfighter DLC Zero Dark Thirty Engages PSN, Live Todayps3-news12/17/2012
Navy SEALs Disciplined For Consulting On MoH Warfighterps3-news11/9/2012
EA: Warfighter Exhibiting "Weaker Than Expected Performance"ps3-news10/30/2012
Is Medal Of Honor: Warfighter The Biggest Disappointment Of 2012?ps3-news10/28/2012
Hey, So...My Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Game Feels Brokenps3-news10/23/2012
Warfighter vs. Black Ops II: Which Has The Superior Campaign?ps3-news10/22/2012
MoH Warfighter Launch Trailer Proves The Game Is Aptly Namedps3-news10/22/2012
EA Bringing Bin Laden Hunt To Medal Of Honor As DLCps3-news9/10/2012
Why You Should Buy Warfighter Instead Of Black Ops IIps3-news9/9/2012
Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Set For Fallps3-news2/23/2012
Danger Close Working On Medal Of Honor Sequelps3-news2/18/2011
Job Listing Indicates Medal Of Honor 2?ps3-news1/9/2011
EA: Medal Of Honor "Better Than Reviews Indicate"ps3-news11/2/2010
Ex-SAS Operative Praises Medal Of Honor's Realismps3-news10/16/2010
Real Tier 1 Operators Talk Respect In Medal Of Honorps3-news10/8/2010
No Medal Of Honor Demo, Army "Surprised" At Multiplayerps3-news10/4/2010
EA Responds To Pressure, Removes Taliban From MoHps3-news10/1/2010
EA: Medal Of Honor Sets Franchise Pre-Order Recordps3-news9/30/2010
EA "Wants To Get Back On Top" In The Shooter Genreps3-news9/26/2010
EA Unveils Medal Of Honor "Multiplayer Experience" Trailerps3-news8/27/2010
Black Ops Military Advisor Defends Medal Of Honorps3-news8/26/2010
Beta Feedback Lets EA Upgrade Medal Of Honor...Big Timeps3-news8/23/2010
Medal Of Honor's War On Terror Hits Controversy Cityps3-news8/15/2010
EA, Linkin Park: "One-Of-A-Kind" Medal Of Honor Trailerps3-news8/1/2010

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