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Tag: movie

Name Section Date
Assassin's Creed Movie Script Being Rewritten...Againps3-news4/8/2014
NFS Movie Is Now The 18th Best-Selling Game Film Everps3-news3/25/2014
Need For Speed Movie Nearly Breaks Even On Opening Weekendps3-news3/17/2014
The Last Of Us Film On The Way, Naughty Dog Is Involvedps3-news3/6/2014
Hannah Ware Is The New Leading Lady For Agent 47 Filmps3-news2/6/2014
Sly Cooper Animated Film Announcedps3-news1/28/2014
Gran Turismo Documentary Will Debut On Hulu Next Weekps3-news1/17/2014
Rupert Friend Selected To Replace Paul Walker As "Agent 47"ps3-news1/9/2014
Sony Pictures Prepping Movie Based On Sonic The Hedgehog?ps3-news12/15/2013
Take-Two: GTA Movie Would Be Lucrative, But It's Riskyps3-news12/12/2013
The Last Of Us Movie Reveal Coming?ps3-news12/2/2013
Watchmen Writer Tapped To Pen Script For Gran Turismo Filmps3-news11/24/2013
Blockbuster Closing Remaining US Storesps3-news11/6/2013
Gerard Butler, Vin Diesel To Land Leads In Kane & Lynch Movie?ps3-news11/5/2013
Need For Speed Movie Trailer Revealedps3-news9/25/2013
Gran Turismo Movie Details Emerge, And Now We Understandps3-news8/23/2013
The Wolverine Writer Is Now Rewriting The Assassin's Creed Scriptps3-news8/16/2013
Ubisoft: Who Should Play Aiden Pearce In Watch Dogs Movie?ps3-news7/26/2013
Sony Working On Gran Turismo Movie, And We Have Questionsps3-news7/25/2013
Seth Rogen Keeps Turning Down Offer To Make Uncharted Filmps3-news6/27/2013
Rumor: Assassin's Creed Movie Lands In Theaters On May 22, 2015ps3-news5/19/2013
Pierce Brosnan: Violent Games, Movies "Have A Strong Effect"ps3-news4/29/2013
Heavenly Sword CG Movie Confirmed, Won't See Theatersps3-news4/24/2013
Ratchet & Clank Movie In The Worksps3-news4/23/2013
You Might See Movies Based On Saints Row And Metrops3-news4/14/2013
Here's Your Chance To Help Kickstart Videogamer: The Filmps3-news3/7/2013
Tomb Raider Film Reboot Coming Soonps3-news3/5/2013
Michael Keaton Suddenly Makes Need For Speed Betterps3-news2/6/2013
Hitman Reboot Movie Dubbed Agent 47, Paul Walker Starsps3-news2/6/2013
Videogamer: The Film In Production, Will Explore Innovationps3-news1/31/2013
British Playwright To Pen Script For Assassin's Creed Filmps3-news1/15/2013
Hanna Co-Writer To Handle Shadow Of The Colossus Film Scriptps3-news1/8/2013
Hanna Co-Writer To Handle Shadow Of The Colossus Film Scriptps2-news1/8/2013
Valve Picks Possible Dream Directors For Half-Life Movieps3-news11/27/2012
Deus Ex: Human Revolution Movie Lands Director, Producersps3-news11/15/2012
Mass Effect Film Lands New Writerps3-news10/25/2012
DreamWorks Casts Aaron Paul As Lead In Need For Speed Movieps3-news10/15/2012
Ubisoft Ready To Unleash A Big Splinter Cell Announcementps3-news10/8/2012
Joe Danger 2 PSN Dated, Coming With "Joe Danger Gaiden"ps3-news10/5/2012
Metal Gear Solid Movie Will Feature "Unkown Actor" As Snakeps3-news9/27/2012
Joe Danger Sequel Hitting PSN "Soon," Dev Appreciates Fansps3-news9/26/2012
A Dream Job For Emily Rose: Playing Elena In An Uncharted Movieps3-news9/24/2012
Metal Gear Ground Zeroes Announced, MGS Movie Comingps3-news8/30/2012
Uncharted Movie Gets Writers But Loses Another Directorps3-news8/25/2012
Joe Danger: The Movie Debuts On XBLA...That's Gratitude For Yaps3-news8/21/2012
Deus Ex: Human Revolution Getting The Big-Screen Treatmentps3-news7/10/2012
Assassin's Creed Movie In The Works, Fassbender Starsps3-news7/9/2012
Editorial: Maybe Games Shouldn't Adopt Movie Trendsps3-news6/30/2012
EA Teams Up With Dreamworks, Need For Speed Movie Comingps3-news6/23/2012
Watch Dogs Movie Already Possible?ps3-news6/17/2012

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