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Tag: ngp

Name Section Date
Could "Gesture-Based Controls" Be A Vita Reality?psp-news8/5/2011
Hirai: PlayStation Vita Will Not Launch In US This Yearpsp-news8/4/2011
Sony Planning "All About PlayStation Vita" TGS Speechpsp-news8/1/2011
EA: Other Mobile Devices Are Hurdles For PlayStation Vitapsp-news7/29/2011
Sony: Vita RAM Has Never Been Cutpsp-news7/29/2011
PlayStation Vita Launch Date Leaked?psp-news6/21/2011
PSXE Poll Update: PlayStation Vita Wows The Sony Fanspsp-news6/19/2011
Rumor: Vita Will Keep Skype Featurepsp-news6/18/2011
PSXE Poll Update: Readers None Too Impressed With Wii Ups3-news6/12/2011
E3 2011: Two More Promising Titles For PlayStation Vitapsp-news6/7/2011
E3 2011: Vita Priced, Will Release This Holiday Seasonpsp-news6/6/2011
E3 2011: NGP Officially Named "Vita," Games Previewedpsp-news6/6/2011
E3 2011: Bioshock Infinite Moves, New Bioshock For Vita?ps3-news6/6/2011
Sony Files European Trademarks For "PlayStation Vita"psp-news6/6/2011
Uncharted, Wipeout NGP Explored In New Developer Videospsp-news6/4/2011
NGP Launch Titles Confirmed, Golden Abyss Leadsps3-news6/2/2011
Downpour Delayed, New Silent Hill Coming To NGPps3-news6/2/2011
Rumor: NGP Launch Titles Confirmedpsp-news5/31/2011
Rumor: NGP Will Receive Official Name Of "PS Vita"psp-news5/29/2011
Rumor: Sony Cut NGP Specs To Keep Price Competitivepsp-news5/26/2011
Uncharted NGP: A New Story, More Details On June 2psp-news5/23/2011
Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3 Possible For Sony's NGP?ps3-news5/6/2011
NGP Launch Titles Include Uncharted, Wipeout, Morepsp-news4/22/2011
Analyst: NGP Will Likely Have More Success Than PSPpsp-news4/14/2011
Analyst: "Uncharted 3 In 3D Looks Phenomenal"ps3-news4/14/2011
Sony Planning A 2011 NGP Launch For North Americapsp-news4/13/2011
Sony: Our Competition Is "Running Out Of Steam"ps3-news4/9/2011
Tokyo Game Show 2011, NGP Still On Track In Japanpsp-news4/6/2011
Tretton: Price Doesn't Determine A Platform's Successpsp-news4/5/2011
National Disaster In Japan May Result In NGP Delaypsp-news4/4/2011
Rumor: Current PS3 Games To Be Ported To NGPpsp-news3/31/2011
Simultaneous Digital/Physical Game Delivery For NGPpsp-news3/18/2011
Rumor: $100 Price Gap Between The Two NGP Modelspsp-news3/16/2011
Sony Went Through "Many Iterations Of The PSP2"psp-news3/7/2011
NGP Gets Augmented Reality, New "Near" Functionpsp-news3/3/2011
Epic Games: NGP "Raises The Bar For Handheld Performance"psp-news2/24/2011
NGP Price Estimates For Both Standard And 3G Modelspsp-news2/22/2011
PSXE Poll Update: Gamers Psyched For The NGPpsp-news2/20/2011
Sony Asked Devs What They Wanted From The NGPpsp-news2/18/2011
PSXE Poll Update: Fans Ignoring Negative KZ3 Reviewsps3-news2/13/2011
Sony: NGP And PSP Will "Coexist"psp-news2/13/2011
Development Environment For NGP: "As Easy As Possible"psp-news2/11/2011
GameStop's NGP Price Shouldn't Be Taken As Gospelpsp-news2/9/2011
Will Sony "Move Past" The PlayStation Brand Name?psp-news2/7/2011
PSXE Poll Update: Sony's NGP Makes A Big Splashpsp-news2/6/2011
SCE Cambridge Handling Creation Of Killzone For NGPpsp-news2/6/2011
Sony Announced NGP Early Because...psp-news2/4/2011
Guerrilla: NGP Has Potential To "Dominate Portables"psp-news2/4/2011
Analyst Advice To Publishers: "Support NGP Early"psp-news2/3/2011
New NGP Video Zooms In On Gamespsp-news2/3/2011

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