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Tag: pachter

Name Section Date
Pachter Says He "Admires" Ubisoft For Delaying Watch Dogsps3-news1/26/2014
Watch Dogs Delay: Caused By Quality Issues Or...Fear?ps3-news10/20/2013
Pachter Can't Understand The "Angst" Over Microtransactionsps3-news3/5/2013
Pachter: PS3 Price Will Fall To $199 When PS4 Is Announcedps3-news2/18/2013
Pachter: Call Of Duty Multiplayer Being Free "Was A Mistake"ps3-news12/7/2012
Pachter: Warfighter Reception May Have Killed Medal Of Honorps3-news10/31/2012
BioWare Bosses Gone, Pachter Blames "Whining" Gamersps3-news10/8/2012
Pachter: No PS3/360 Price Drop Until Wii U Price Is Revealedps3-news6/7/2012
Amalur IP Worth Only $20 Million, EA May Not Publish Copernicusps3-news5/23/2012
Analyst: GTAV Costs $80 Million, Could Sell 24 Millionps3-news8/9/2011
EA Plans To Shell Out Big Time For Battlefield 3ps3-news7/13/2011
Pachter: Battlefield 3 Might Steal Away Some CoD Fansps3-news7/11/2011
Poor Duke Effort Will Affect Take-Two's Bottom Lineps3-news7/5/2011
Pachter: Vita Was "Solid" At E3, Wii U "2 Years Too Late"ps3-news6/13/2011
Pachter: West, Zampella Will Never Control MW Brandps3-news4/5/2011
Pachter: Console Prices Will Drop, PS3 First To Fallps3-news1/14/2011
Pachter: Only The Fanboys Care If I'm Right Or Wrongps3-news12/23/2010
Pachter: GTAV Must Be Take-Two's Top Priorityps3-news12/20/2010
Family And Friends On Pachter: He Should Get Helpps3-news12/14/2010
Pachter Clarifies PSP2 "Dead On Arrival" Commentpsp-news12/10/2010
Pachter: Shareholders Want Call Of Duty Online Feesps3-news12/6/2010
Pachter: Move, Kinect To Sell 20-25 Million By End Of 2011ps3-news12/2/2010
Pachter: History, Press Will Keep Black Ops Behind MW2ps3-news10/26/2010
NBA Elite 11 Delay Should Benefit The Competitionps3-news9/29/2010

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