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Name Section Date
PSXE Poll Update: PS3's Legacy Can't Be Predicted Yetps3-news10/11/2015
Will PS3 Be Remembered As The Worst PlayStation Ever?ps3-news10/1/2015
Is The PS3 Already Obsolete?ps3-news1/9/2015
Sony: "People Are Still Buying PS3s"ps3-news6/27/2014
Swing Into Action With The Spider-Man 2 PlayStation 3 Bundleps3-news4/18/2014
The One Last-Gen Game You Missed But Wish You Hadn't...ps3-news4/3/2014
Microsoft: "Ditch" Your PS3, We'll Give You Xbox One For $399ps3-news1/30/2014
John Carmack: PS3 And 360 Are "Far From Being Tapped Out"ps3-news12/12/2013
PlayStation 3 Tops 80 Million Worldwide, 4,332 Total Titlesps3-news11/6/2013
What Will Be The Last New PS3 Release You Ever Play?ps3-news10/28/2013
NPD Report: 360 Is 50% More Popular Than PS3 For Onlineps3-news10/14/2013
Did The PlayStation 3 Tarnish Or Improve PlayStation's Legacy?ps3-news10/7/2013
Amazon France Leaks PS3 Bundle With Gran Turismo 6, TLoU?ps3-news9/3/2013
Azurite Blue PS3 Set For North Americaps3-news8/26/2013
12GB PS3 Confirmed For North Americaps3-news8/20/2013
Sony Reveals Upgrade Program For Cross-Generation Gamesps3-news8/20/2013
Rumor: 12GB Flash-Based PS3 Headed To North America Soonps3-news8/13/2013
Is The Current Generation Of Consoles One Of The Best Ever?ps3-news7/21/2013
Sony: It Hasn't Been Particularly Easy To Keep PS3 Costs Downps3-news6/19/2013
When Will We Start Seeing Big Trade-In Deals For The PS3?ps3-news6/16/2013
E3 2013: PS3 Keeps Going Strong With Exclusive Softwareps3-news6/10/2013
PS3 Overtakes Xbox 360 In Worldwide Sales...Is It For Good?ps3-news5/27/2013
$299 PS3 Legacy Bundle Hits This Weekps3-news5/6/2013
So, Who's Keeping Their PS3?ps3-news4/8/2013
Nielsen Survey: PS3 Owners Are Starting To Stream Like Madps3-news3/14/2013
Sony: PS3 Will Remain "A Very Important Part Of Our Portfolio"ps3-news3/1/2013
Remembering The PS3 Launch Debacle: Has Sony Learned?ps3-news2/25/2013
Pachter: PS3 Price Will Fall To $199 When PS4 Is Announcedps3-news2/18/2013
Naughty Dog: "It's Nice To Really Have Mastered The PS3"ps3-news2/5/2013
Garnet Red PS3 Featured In God Of War: Ascension Legacy Bundleps3-news1/31/2013
Who Thought The PS3 Would Come Out On Top Back In 2007?ps3-news1/29/2013
Classic White PS3 Bundle Hitting US, Toops3-news1/17/2013
500GB White PS3 Bundle Traveling To Canada This Monthps3-news1/16/2013
GAME Day After Christmas Sale Includes 12GB PS3, ACIIIps3-news12/24/2012
PlayStation 3 Hits 30 Million In Europe, 70 Million Worldwideps3-news12/19/2012
Why Is A 10-Year Lifespan A Bad Thing?ps3-news12/13/2012
New White PS3 Slim Bundle May Show Up In North Americaps3-news12/9/2012
PS3 Is "World's Most Popular Device" For Netflix Viewingps3-news12/4/2012
PS3 Sales Hit 70 Million Worldwide, Move Surpasses 15 Millionps3-news11/16/2012
Running "Unauthorized Software" On PS3 Results In PSN Banps3-news11/14/2012
With No Huge PS3 Exclusive, Will Sony Fans Turn To Halo 4?ps3-news11/1/2012
If You "Revolt" Over Firmware Update 4.30, Get Yourself Checkedps3-news10/27/2012
PSXE Poll Update: Dishonored Has Gone Over Rather Wellps3-news10/21/2012
Are We Once Again Revisiting The 2007 Anti-Sony Campaign?ps3-news10/14/2012
Cage: Beyond Has Proven The PS3 Is Still A Powerful Machineps3-news10/14/2012
All These Installs Are Driving Me Nutsps3-news10/4/2012
New 500GB PS3 Sparks UK Sales Surgeps3-news10/2/2012
Japan Gets Specially Decorated PS3sps3-news10/2/2012
Dishonored Dev: Current Consoles Not Close To Maxing Outps3-news10/1/2012
It Seems A PS3/Vita Bundle Could Be A Distinct Possibilityps3-news10/1/2012

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