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Tag: remake

Name Section Date
Final Fantasy VII Finally Remade...Inside Sackboy's Universeps3-news11/17/2014
Should HD Remakes Be Considered For End-Of-Year Awards?ps3-news4/13/2014
PSXE Poll Update: FFVII Remake Possible But Still Unlikelyps3-news3/2/2014
PSXE Poll Update: Gamers Split On Final Fantasy XII HDps3-news2/23/2014
Kitase Won't Rule Out FFVII Remakeps3-news2/17/2014
Mikami: RE Remake To Blame For Series Going All Action-yps3-news9/26/2013
A Final Fantasy VI Remake Was Once A Realityps1-news9/6/2013
DuckTales Remastered Boxes Out, But Supply Is "Hyper-Limited"ps3-news8/23/2013
Castle Of Illusion HD Set For September 3ps3-news8/16/2013
Castle Of Illusion HD Behind The Scenes: Get All Teary-Eyedps3-news7/22/2013
DuckTales Remastered Dated, First "Duckumentary" Dropsps3-news7/11/2013
Just Add Water Offers To Create The MGS Remake For Kojimaps3-news6/27/2013
Tales Of Symphonia Chronicles Satisfies JRPG Fans In Early 2014ps3-news6/5/2013
Castle Of Illusion HD: How Sega Plans To Reimagine A Classicps3-news6/2/2013
Rumor: PS3 To Get Tales Of Symphonia: Perfect Editionps3-news5/13/2013
Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Receives North American Dateps3-news5/7/2013
Castle Of Illusion HD Confirmed For PSNps3-news4/15/2013
Sega Seems Ready To Deliver A Castle Of Illusion Remakeps3-news4/11/2013
Ubisoft, VectorCell Plan To Revive The 90s Classic, Flashbackps3-news4/11/2013
Does Square Enix Even Remember Announcing FFX HD?ps3-news2/12/2013
If Anybody Can Mess Up Final Fantasy X HD, It's Square Enixps3-news1/13/2013
Square Enix On FFX HD: "The World Will Get Answers Soon"ps3-news1/11/2013
Canceled Streets Of Rage Remake Coulda Been A Ton O' Funps3-news12/5/2012
Why An FFVII Remake Would Sell More Than Call Of Dutyps3-news10/21/2012
Painkiller Remake Hitting PC First, Arrives For PS3/360 Laterps3-news10/9/2012
XCOM May Be Undergoing Some Pretty Significant Changesps3-news10/1/2012
Oddworld Remake Gets Renamed, New Footage Releasedps3-news10/1/2012
Resident Evil 2 Remake Possible If "Fans Really Clamor For It"ps3-news9/26/2012
Relive The Artistic Glory When Okami HD Strikes On October 30ps3-news9/20/2012
Brief Okami HD Clip: "Oooh, Preeetty"ps3-news7/29/2012
Square Enix Tech Director On FFVII: "I'd Like A Remake"ps3-news7/16/2012
Tales Remakes Will Bring The Franchise "Back To Its Roots"ps3-news7/9/2012
Square Enix Essentially Confirms A FFVII Remake Is Impossibleps3-news6/26/2012
Would FFVII's Return To PC Hint At A Return To Consoles?ps3-news6/21/2012
Okami HD Revealed, To Support 1080p HD, PlayStation Moveps3-news6/20/2012
Oddworld Remake Isn't Only About HD, It's A Full-Fledged Rebootps3-news6/12/2012
Square Enix: How Do You "Overcome" Past Final Fantasies?ps3-news5/16/2012
Nomura: We Work Hard To Make Something Better Than FFVIIps3-news5/16/2012
Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD Hits The Virtual Streets Next Monthps3-news5/8/2012
Shenmue HD "Done For A Year," Coming To PSN, XBLAps3-news3/16/2012
Alone In The Dark Designer Would "Love" To Do A Remakeps3-news3/9/2012
Prince Of Persia Creator To Rebuild An Apple II Classicps3-news2/15/2012
Final Fantasy X HD Just A Visual Upgradeps3-news2/5/2012
Microsoft Admits Sony Did A "Great Job" With HD Remakesps3-news1/24/2012
Kojima: Metal Gear Solid Was "Made For A Certain Era"ps3-news12/26/2011
Just Forget The Idea Of PS1 Remakesps3-news12/7/2011
Fan Tries FFVII Remake With Unreal Engine...We Acheps3-news12/4/2011
Squaresoft Is Dead, So Just Accept Itps3-news11/28/2011
Kitase On FFVII Remake: "Tempted To Add New Elements"ps3-news11/28/2011
Why Square Enix Will Do A Final Fantasy HD Collectionps3-news7/20/2011

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