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Tag: resistance

Name Section Date
Online Support For Resistance Franchise Ends On April 8ps3-news4/5/2014
Online Support Ends In 2014 For GT5, Resistance Franchise, MAGps3-news12/26/2013
Insomniac Said No To Resistance 4 Due To Franchise Fatigueps3-news5/17/2013
Insomniac: We'll Keep Experimenting With Ratchet & Clankps3-news2/14/2013
Resistance Collection Serves Up FPS Grandness This Winterps3-news10/4/2012
Sony Has "No Plans" To Pursue Another Resistance Entryps3-news6/25/2012
Resistance Trilogy Set For May?ps3-news4/25/2012
Insomniac: Resistance Reached Its "Logical Conclusion"ps3-news1/26/2012
Insomniac Is Done With Resistanceps3-news1/26/2012
Resistance 3 Brutality DLC: Mastadon And A Sledgehammerps3-news12/8/2011
Sony Regrets Losing Insomniac But Soldiers Forthps3-news12/2/2011
PlayStation 3D Display Dated, Sony Answers Your Questionsps3-news10/19/2011
Killzone 3, Resistance 3, GoldenEye All Get Move Bundles?ps3-news10/18/2011
Insomniac Doesn't View Resistance 3 Sales As "Bad"ps3-news10/16/2011
Low Resistance 3 Sales Paint An Uncertain Futureps3-news9/20/2011
Early Retail Indications Point To Low Resistance 3 Sales?ps3-news9/13/2011
PSXE Poll Update: Gamers Expected Resistance 3 Qualityps3-news9/11/2011
Resistance 3 vs. Dead Island: Gamers Have A Tough Decisionps3-news9/6/2011
Resistance 3: The Final Weapon And The First DLCps3-news9/6/2011
Insomniac: We Can Get More Out Of The PlayStation 3ps3-news9/6/2011
PSXE Poll Update: Dead Island Will Need Good Reviewsps3-news9/4/2011
Kevin Butler Channels Braveheart For The Chimeran Invasionps3-news9/2/2011
Pre-Order Sony 3D Monitor, Nab Resistance 3ps3-news8/29/2011
Resistance 3 Beta Cap Raised, "New Stuff" This Weekendps3-news8/26/2011
Insomniac: Another Developer May Get Resistance 4ps3-news8/24/2011
GameStop Offers Resistance 3 With 3DTV Packageps3-news8/7/2011
Resistance 3 Multiplayer Dev Diary: Modes And Abilitiesps3-news8/6/2011
An Apocalypse Replaces Resistance 3 In 3DTV Bundleps3-news8/5/2011
Gamers Unimpressed By Graphics In Resistance 3ps3-news8/4/2011
Resistance 3 Golden, Disc Crammed With Bonus Contentps3-news8/4/2011
Resistance 3 Beta Dates, Stay Tuned To Get In Earlyps3-news7/28/2011
Sony Reveals PSN Pass Programps3-news7/6/2011
Resistance 3 Developer Diary Talks Enemy AI, Designps3-news6/30/2011
Insomniac: Resistance 3 Demo Uses "Really Old Code"ps3-news6/10/2011
Resistance 3 Multiplayer Footage And New Detailsps3-news6/2/2011
Resistance 3: Special Editions And Pre-Order Bonusesps3-news6/1/2011
Greatest Hits Package To Include First Two Resistance Titlesps3-news5/24/2011
Resistance 3 Seeks To Take Franchise To New Levelsps3-news5/19/2011
Single-Player Resistance 3 Demo In Battle: Los Angelesps3-news5/2/2011
New Resistance 3 Gameplay Footage: Boat Assaultps3-news4/13/2011
SOCOM 4 Will Get You Into The Resistance 3 Betaps3-news4/10/2011
Resistance 3 Gets Move, 3D Supportps3-news3/29/2011
Resistance 3 Gets Split-Screen Multiplayer Funps3-news3/20/2011
Tasty Resistance 3 Multiplayer Videops3-news3/7/2011
How To Face The Chimera In Resistance 3....Literallyps3-news3/7/2011
Resistance 3 Multiplayer Detailed, Beta Test Confirmedps3-news3/2/2011
Resistance 3 Gameplay Capturedps3-news2/16/2011
Resistance 3 Already Beta Testing?ps3-news2/1/2011
Resistance 3 Prequel Novel Set To Release In Julyps3-news1/25/2011
Analyst: PS3's 2011 Exclusives May Be The Best Everps3-news1/5/2011

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