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Tag: review

Name Section Date
VGRHQ: New Website Finally Rewards The Video Game Criticps3-news4/16/2014
Review Score Throwdown: Dark Souls II Topping Titanfallps3-news3/12/2014
Metacritic: 2013 Wasn't A Banner Year For 90+ Scoring Titlesps3-news1/2/2014
Critics Should Pay To Review A Game? Guess We Quitps3-news12/26/2013
Simulators Require Expert Knowledge Most Critics Don't Haveps3-news12/9/2013
Call Of Duty: Ghosts Review Scores: Proof Of A Downturn?ps3-news11/5/2013
Do You Believe Critics Should Award Perfect Scores For Games?ps3-news9/18/2013
Pissed Off Gamers Attack GameSpot's "Feminist" GTAV Reviewps3-news9/16/2013
David's Week In Review: September 8thps3-news9/7/2013
The Nasty Business Of Using Review Scores To Drive Trafficps3-news6/13/2013
The Last Of Us: 24 Perfect Scores So Far, And A New Trailerps3-news6/5/2013
So Far, The Last Of Us Has Tallied Three Perfect Review Scoresps3-news6/4/2013
PSXE User Review Contest: Time To Give Away Another Prizeps3-news4/7/2013
Bioshock Infinite Suffers From Technical Issues On Consoles?ps3-news3/19/2013
User Review Contest: Impress Your Peers, Win A Free Game!ps3-news3/17/2013
Big Gap Between DmC Critic Scores And Hostile Fan Backlashps3-news1/16/2013
Ninja Theory: Gamers, Be On The Lookout For Fake DMC Reviewsps3-news1/8/2013
What Game Made You Say, "The Critics Got This One Wrong"?ps3-news12/16/2012
What Game Received The Most Unfair Treatment From Critics?ps3-news11/19/2012
PSXE User Review Contest: The Readers Choose Another Winnerps3-news11/18/2012
Yeah, See, This Is Why You Can't Really Trust User Reviewsps3-news11/14/2012
Does A Poor PC Review Cast A Shadow Over Hitman: Absolution?ps3-news11/13/2012
User Review Contest: Who Was The Most Skilled Critic?ps3-news11/11/2012
Win A Copy Of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Or Another Prize...ps3-news11/1/2012
Game Reviews: Okay, It's Good, But...Will I Actually Like It?ps3-news10/31/2012
Should Campaigns And Multiplayer Get Separate Review Scores?ps3-news10/17/2012
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Just Misses Famitsu Perfect Scoreps3-news9/5/2012
Is Final Fantasy Tactics Overrated Or One Of The Best Ever?ps3-news7/8/2012
PSXE User Review Contest: The Winner Does Rally Racing Proudps3-news7/1/2012
PSXE Poll Update: Downloadable Games Are Entitled To GotYps3-news6/24/2012
PSXE User Review Contest: Current Available Prizesps3-news6/17/2012
PSXE User Review Contest: A Quality Skyrim Analysis Winsps3-news6/10/2012
PSXE User Review Contest: Next Round Of Prizes Revealedps3-news5/30/2012
PSXE User Review Contest: Face-Off Winner, Next Round Startsps3-news5/27/2012
PSXE User Review Contest: Debut Competition Is A Tieps3-news5/20/2012
PSXE Poll Update: Not Many Gamers Psyched For Starhawkps3-news5/13/2012
So You Think You Can Review Games: Potential Prizesps3-news5/7/2012
PSXE Contest: So You Think You Can Review Video Gamesps3-news5/7/2012
Should There Be A Standardized Format For Game Reviews?ps3-news4/19/2012
Should Game Reviewers Be Reviewed?ps3-news4/1/2012
Slant Six On ORC: We Did What Capcom Wanted Us To Dops3-news3/26/2012
Did ME3 Get High Scores Because Many Critics Didn't Finish It?ps3-news3/21/2012
Gerstmann: I Was Fired Because I Wouldn't Play Ballps3-news3/16/2012
How Many Studios Get Bonuses For Hitting Metacritic Goals?ps3-news3/15/2012
PSXE Poll Update: Expectations Weren't High For FFXIII-2ps3-news2/5/2012
Details Of Famitsu's Perfect Final Fantasy XIII-2 Reviewps3-news12/14/2011
Skyrim Video Commentary: Charging Mammoths Suckps3-news11/14/2011
If A Game Is Cinematic In Nature, Is It Less Of A Game?ps3-news10/25/2011
DICE's Last-Second BF3 Tinkering May Delay Reviewsps3-news10/20/2011
What Does A Perfect Score Mean?ps3-news10/19/2011

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