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Tag: rpgs

Name Section Date
Japan Popularity Contest: Dragon Quest Tops Final Fantasyps3-news11/1/2015
What JRPG Would You Recommend To An Intrigued JRPG Virgin?ps3-news8/25/2013
Will JRPGs Eventually Disappear Entirely?ps3-news6/27/2013
Saying Ni no Kuni Is "Kiddie" Is Just Stupid...Wait, Is It Really?ps3-news1/24/2013
Forget Halo, There's Only One Game I Care About On The 360ps3-news11/30/2012
My Love Of JRPGs Is Dyingps3-news11/11/2012
We Have To Do Something, Or Ni No Kuni Will Get Overlookedps3-news8/12/2012
Traditional RPG Decline: Is The Culprit A Dwindling Attention Span?ps3-news8/5/2012
Will The PS1 Always Be The Undisputed King Of RPGs?ps3-news6/17/2012
CD Projeckt Talks "Escaping" With RPGsps3-news4/3/2012
NIS America Reveals Three New Titles Exclusive To PS3ps3-news3/30/2012
Top 5 JRPG Franchises That You May Never See Againps3-news2/12/2012
BioWare Talks Future Of RPGs And Narrative Maturationps3-news10/6/2011
What Is An RPG? These Days, Nobody Knows The Answerps3-news8/30/2011
What Can Modern RPGs Do To Entice Old-School Fans?ps3-news8/27/2011
RPG Battle: Dark Souls vs. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrimps3-news7/28/2011
Are Shorter Attention Spans Hurting The Role-Playing Genre?ps3-news1/4/2011
Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together Trailer, Detailspsp-news10/9/2010
Echoing The Call For More Strat/RPGsps3-news9/29/2010
Kitase: Motion Sensing "Quite Difficult" To Use In RPGsps3-news9/7/2010
Square-Enix: Japanese Devs "Losing Their Passion"ps3-news8/29/2010
PS3 Getting Some Tales Loveps3-news7/28/2010
Editorial: Are Shooter Fans Dunces And RPG Fans Einsteins?ps3-news7/21/2010
NIS Reveals Three New Games, Plus Another Disgaeapsp-news7/17/2010

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