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Tag: sega

Name Section Date
Sega Wants You To Help Them Revitalize The Iconic Brandps3-news2/29/2016
Former Sega CEO: Company's Fall From Grace Not "Inevitable"ps3-news2/23/2015
Feel-Good Video Of The Week: Cool Dad Loves Sega Genesisps3-news10/16/2014
Sega Claims Gearbox Did A Poor Job Marketing Aliensps3-news9/3/2014
Gearbox Defends Itself In Aliens: Colonial Marines Lawsuitps3-news7/31/2014
Sega Will Let Atlus Be, Invites Them To Work On Dormant Sega IPsps3-news12/6/2013
No Plans To Bring Yakuza 5 To US Due To Small Fan Baseps3-news9/4/2013
Second Sega Pluto Prototype Auction Ends With No Saleps3-news5/12/2013
Gearbox, Sega Sued For Misrepresenting Aliens: Colonial Marinesps3-news4/30/2013
Sega Admits Aliens Vids Didn't "Accurately Reflect" Final Contentps3-news4/3/2013
Sega To Announce A New Valkyria Chronicles Or Yakuza?ps3-news3/22/2013
Source Reports Gearbox Lied To Sega, 2K About Aliens Gameps3-news2/19/2013
Platinum Blames Themselves For Shoddy Bayonetta PS3 Portps3-news9/25/2012
Jet Set Radio Dated For PSN, XBLA, Vitaps3-news8/11/2012
Sega To Position Themselves As A "Content Led Organization"ps3-news6/28/2012
Anarchy Won't Reign In North America Until Early 2013ps3-news6/18/2012
Sonic And Friends Set To Race On Land, Air, And Waterps3-news4/30/2012
Sega Halves Financial Forecast, Forced To Cancel Gamesps3-news3/30/2012
Jet Set Radio Returns With A Create Your Own Graffiti Contestps3-news2/28/2012
Aliens: Colonial Marines Pushed Backps3-news1/26/2012
Shenmue Creator Wants To Grab The License From Segaps3-news1/7/2012
Sega Seeks To Reboot One Of Their "Most Beloved IPs?"ps3-news11/18/2011
Yakuza's Kazuma Kiryu Is Playable In Binary Domainps3-news11/11/2011
Sonic Generations Includes Original Sonic The Hedgehogps3-news10/23/2011
If We Get Yakuza: Of The End, We'll Get New Controlsps3-news9/19/2011
Super Monkey Ball Rolling To Vitapsp-news9/12/2011
Sega Prepping Yakuza 5?ps3-news8/30/2011
Sega Reveals "Definitive Version" Of Virtua Fighter 5ps3-news8/23/2011
Binary Domain: Yakuza Creator's New Project Datedps3-news8/19/2011
Sample The Sonic Generations Demo This Weekps3-news6/22/2011
Japanese Gamers Love Yakuza...But Not The Undead?ps3-news6/17/2011
Choose "Classic" or "Modern" Style In Sonic Generationsps3-news4/18/2011
Sega Reveals New Sonic Game For PS3 And Xbox 360ps3-news4/7/2011
Sonic Turns 20 Soon, Sega Teases "Something Big"ps3-news4/6/2011
Sega Celebrates Yakuza 4 Launch In Fine Fashionps3-news3/11/2011
Sega May Finally Give Shenmue III The Green Lightps3-news3/3/2011
Anarchy Reigns: Story, Character Infops3-news2/23/2011
Sega Genesis Collection Hits PSN, Free For Plus Membersps3-news2/16/2011
Test Four Fighters In Yakuza 4 Demops3-news2/2/2011
Max Anarchy Is Now Anarchy Reigns, Teaser Releasedps3-news1/29/2011
Yakuza 4 Grabs US Release Dateps3-news1/20/2011
Sega Will Soon Announce Platinum's Newest Projectps3-news12/14/2010
Sega Reveals Flood Of Valkyria Chronicles 3 Detailspsp-news12/3/2010
Yakuza Team Goes International With Binary Domainps3-news11/30/2010
Fans Clamor For Shenmue 3, Sega Doesn't Rule It Outps3-news11/2/2010
Sega Reveals Pre-Order Incentive For Valkyria Chronicles 3psp-news10/28/2010
Guns Won't Rule New Yakuza, Melee Combat Returnsps3-news10/25/2010
Japanese Vanquish Sales Aren't Overwhelmingps3-news10/24/2010
Space Channel 5 Sequel, Sega Bass Fishing Set For PSN/XBLAps3-news10/20/2010
Vanquish Will Take 10 Hours, But It Doesn't End Thereps3-news10/18/2010

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