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Tag: sony

Name Section Date
Sony Sells All Its Square Enix Stockps3-news4/16/2014
Sony's New Power Food Energizes You And Your Electronicsps3-news4/1/2014
Sony On Santa Monica Studio Layoffs: "It Needed A Reboot"ps3-news3/9/2014
SCEA President Jack Tretton Stepping Down This Monthps3-news3/6/2014
Sony Santa Monica Layoffs Killed The Studio's New IPps3-news2/27/2014
Sony Santa Monica Hit With Layoffsps3-news2/25/2014
PlayStation Now Powered By Custom PS3sps3-news1/17/2014
Sony On PSN Latency Issues: "We're Sorry, We're Sorry..."ps3-news12/31/2013
Sony: New IP Creation Is "Critically Important" for PlayStationps3-news12/17/2013
"Irregular Activity" Makes Some PSN Users Change Their Passwordps3-news12/5/2013
Yoshida Defends Microtransactions: They're For Busy Peopleps3-news12/5/2013
Sony On Wii U: The Message Has Been A "Bit Confusing"ps3-news11/14/2013
Sony Rewards Updated With PlayStation-Specific Itemsps3-news10/30/2013
Sony Personal 3D Viewer "No Longer Available" At Sony Storeps3-news10/8/2013
Did The PlayStation 3 Tarnish Or Improve PlayStation's Legacy?ps3-news10/7/2013
Mobile Billing Option Arrives For PSNps3-news8/29/2013
Barlog Returns To SCEA, Working On A "Freaking Huge" Gameps3-news8/9/2013
Sony Rejects Loeb's Proposal To Split Off Entertainment Divisionps3-news8/6/2013
Sony Working On Gran Turismo Movie, And We Have Questionsps3-news7/25/2013
SCE Japan Studio: "Insane People With Strange Ideas"ps3-news7/17/2013
Sony Corrects Beyond: Two Souls Pricing, Offers $5 Voucherps3-news7/4/2013
Sony: It Hasn't Been Particularly Easy To Keep PS3 Costs Downps3-news6/19/2013
Sony: The Last Guardian On Hiatus...No, Wait, It's Still Comingps3-news6/11/2013
E3 2013: PS3 Keeps Going Strong With Exclusive Softwareps3-news6/10/2013
The Last Guardian Update At E3? Sony Says Maybe Notps3-news6/3/2013
Sony Pursuing Loeb Proposal By Hiring Morgan Stanley, Citigroupps3-news5/31/2013
Billionaire Investor Calls For Sony Splitps3-news5/14/2013
Sony Finally Posts A Profit, No Thanks To Gaming Divisionps3-news5/9/2013
40 Sony Execs, Including Hirai, Sacrifice Their Annual Bonusps3-news5/1/2013
Sony Doubles Annual Earnings Projections Due To Weaker Yenps3-news4/25/2013
Sony Files For The Order: 1886 Trademarkps3-news4/24/2013
Sony Phones To Support Dual Shock 3ps3-news4/13/2013
Sony Releases Six Minutes Of Rainps3-news3/26/2013
Sony Santa Monica Not Directly Assisting With The Last Guardianps3-news3/15/2013
Sony: PS3 Will Remain "A Very Important Part Of Our Portfolio"ps3-news3/1/2013
Remembering The PS3 Launch Debacle: Has Sony Learned?ps3-news2/25/2013
PayPal (Soon) Attached To NA PSNps3-news1/20/2013
Sony Settles Lawsuit With Jerry Lambertps3-news1/17/2013
Hirai: Game-Specific Devices Will Stick Around For A Whileps3-news1/9/2013
PS2 Is Done: All Manufacturing Stoppedps2-news1/7/2013
Celebrate The New Year With The Holiday Essentials PSN Saleps3-news12/31/2012
Sony Halting PS2 Shipments In Japanps2-news12/28/2012
Sony's New Camera Lets You Use Your Finger As A Gun?ps3-news12/26/2012
PlayStation 3 Hits 30 Million In Europe, 70 Million Worldwideps3-news12/19/2012
PS Store Sale: At Least 30% Off For The Next Three Weeksps3-news12/18/2012
Sony's Play Days Deals: Wonderbook, Sports Champions 2, Moreps3-news12/16/2012
Why Is A 10-Year Lifespan A Bad Thing?ps3-news12/13/2012
PS3 Is "World's Most Popular Device" For Netflix Viewingps3-news12/4/2012
Hey Sony, PlayStation Move Still Needs A Big-Time Killer Appps3-news12/2/2012
PS3, Vita, PlayStation Plus Enjoy Great Black Friday Successps3-news11/29/2012

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