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Tag: sotc

Name Section Date
Shadow Of The Colossus Movie Finally Gets Its Directorps3-news9/4/2014
SotC Fan Art Highlights And Compares Colossi Sizesps3-news12/9/2013
Hanna Co-Writer To Handle Shadow Of The Colossus Film Scriptps3-news1/8/2013
Hanna Co-Writer To Handle Shadow Of The Colossus Film Scriptps2-news1/8/2013
Hold On To Your Hats, The Shadow Of The Colossus Movie Is Backps2-news5/23/2012
ICO, Shadow Of The Colossus Become New PSN Legendsps3-news1/12/2012
ICO/SotC Collection: Bonus Content, Trophy Listsps3-news8/15/2011
ICO & Shadow Of The Colossus Collection: Bonus Contentps3-news7/20/2011
E3 2011: New Collections, High-Tech PlayStation Monitorps3-news6/6/2011
ICO, SotC Remakes Receive Japanese Dates And Pricesps3-news6/3/2011
The Last Guardian Won't Make It For Holiday 2011ps3-news4/20/2011
Ueda: "I'd Like To Make An FPS"ps3-news3/10/2011
ICO/SotC Collection Mysteriously Delayed Until 2012?ps3-news3/9/2011
ICO/SotC Collection May Include A Last Guardian Demops3-news3/2/2011
ICO: Castle Of The Mist Should Get A Summer Releaseps2-news2/7/2011
ICO: Castle Of The Mist Should Get A Summer Releaseps3-news2/7/2011
PSXE Poll Update: TGS Unimpressive, Remakes Most Excitingps3-news9/26/2010
Shadow Of The Colossus Movie: Encouraging Updateps3-news9/23/2010
Ueda Has Long Since Wanted ICO And SotC On The PS3ps3-news9/20/2010
Ueda Shares More ICO & Shadow Of The Colossus Detailsps3-news9/17/2010
TGS 2010: Ueda Confirms High-Def Team ICO Collectionps3-news9/16/2010
Famitsu: Valkyria Chronicles 3 For PSP, ICO, SotCpsp-news9/14/2010
Team ICO Collection Expected In "March Or April"ps3-news9/13/2010
The Last Guardian Might Make An Appearance At TGSps3-news8/7/2010

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