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Name Section Date
Tomb Raider Reboot Becomes The #1 Franchise Entryps3-news4/6/2015
Tomb Raider Novel In The Works, Will Hit Shelves In Octoberps3-news7/3/2014
Tomb Raider Will Pass 6 Million, Finally Turning Good Profitps3-news3/7/2014
What Should We Expect From The Next Lara Croft Quest?ps3-news1/30/2014
Tomb Raider Has Finally Turned A Profitps3-news1/17/2014
PSXE Poll Update: TLoU Winning GotY Was No Big Surpriseps3-news1/5/2014
Hand-Painted Lara Croft Statue: Die-Hard Fans Can Pre-Orderps3-news12/18/2013
Tomb Raider Tops 4 Million, Sleeping Dogs Was "Profitable"ps3-news8/23/2013
Square Enix Releases Tomb Raider 1939 Multiplayer Map Pack ps3-news4/2/2013
Tomb Raider Breaks First Week Sales Record For Franchiseps3-news3/30/2013
Analyst: Square Enix's Problem Is Their Lack Of Multiplayerps3-news3/27/2013
Big Square Enix Titles Don't Live Up To Sales Expectationsps3-news3/26/2013
Are You Willing To Pay Real Money To Make Lara Better?ps3-news3/20/2013
Tomb Raider Reboot Was Originally Like Shadow Of The Colossus?ps3-news3/18/2013
Tomb Raider Sees 1 Million Players, Store Supplies Running Lowps3-news3/8/2013
First Tomb Raider DLC Debuts This Monthps3-news3/6/2013
Tomb Raider Film Reboot Coming Soonps3-news3/5/2013
Tomb Raider Multiplayer Details Include Interesting Modesps3-news1/3/2013
Deus Ex: Human Revolution Dev Handling Tomb Raider Multiplayerps3-news12/28/2012
Rumor: Tomb Raider Will Feature Online Multiplayer Modesps3-news12/27/2012
Tomb Raider Guide To Survival: Making Camp Is Essentialps3-news12/17/2012
Tomb Raider Quest About 15 Hours, No Need For Health Packsps3-news11/25/2012
Tomb Raider Pre-Order Bonuses Detailedps3-news10/19/2012
Pre-Order Tomb Raider At Amazon, Get The Final Hours Editionps3-news10/5/2012
How Does One Reinvent An Icon? Let The New Lara Explainps3-news10/2/2012
Devs Don't Succumb To "Rape" Backlash, Lara Remains The Sameps3-news9/30/2012
Tomb Raider Seeks To Create A Singular Player/Character Bondps3-news8/27/2012
Tomb Raider Devs Cite Batman, Bond As "Change" Inspirationsps3-news8/11/2012
Wow, Since When Are Gamers So Protective Of Women?ps3-news6/29/2012
Crystal Dynamics Is "Looking To The Future" With Lara Croftps3-news6/27/2012
Californication Actress Camilla Luddington Becomes Lara Croftps3-news6/26/2012
Nobody Really Thought Lara Would Get Raped...Did They?ps3-news6/13/2012
Tomb Raider Dev: "Sexual Assault Is Not A Theme We Cover"ps3-news6/13/2012
Some Gamers Aren't Big Fans Of Lara's Fresh Vulnerabilityps3-news6/13/2012
Tomb Raider: Epic New Trailer Confirms March 5, 2013 Dateps3-news6/1/2012
Tomb Raider Reboot Needs More Time, Delayed Until 2013ps3-news5/14/2012
God Of War Vet Cory Barlog To Help With Tomb Raiderps3-news3/2/2012
Tomb Raider Developer Prepping An "Exciting New IP"ps3-news1/4/2012
Tomb Raider Details: Realism Is A Primary Focusps3-news1/2/2012
Naughty Dog Hopes Tomb Raider Turns Out "Amazing"ps3-news10/24/2011
Tomb Raider Director Talks Style, New Mechanics, Realismps3-news6/24/2011
The Best Character Overhaul Award Goes To Lara Croftps3-news6/14/2011
Tomb Raider Trailer Makes A Very Strong Statementps3-news6/13/2011
Rumor: Unreleased Tomb Raider CG Will Drop Your Jawps3-news5/30/2011
Lara Croft Loses Over-Sexed Self, Finds A Gritty Heroineps3-news5/30/2011
Tomb Raider: Inspirations, Puzzles, Innovative Cameraps3-news5/11/2011
Tomb Raider Details: More Open, Challenging Platforming?ps3-news4/27/2011
Tomb Raider Films Will Return In 2013ps3-news3/8/2011
Tomb Raider Trilogy Arrives On PS3 On March 22ps3-news1/6/2011
Tomb Raider Multiplayer Confirmed?ps3-news12/22/2010

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