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Name Section Date
Jaffe On Twisted Metal: "Not A Dud, But Not A Hit, Either"ps3-news8/1/2012
Twisted Metal Online Problems Outside US, Gamers Annoyedps3-news4/23/2012
PSXE Poll Update: Most Appreciate Twisted Metal's Returnps3-news3/4/2012
PSXE Poll Update: Twisted Metal Isn't For Everyoneps3-news2/19/2012
Twisted Metal: An Example Of Paying Homage To Fansps3-news2/16/2012
Twisted Metal Movie Coming, Sweet Tooth Better Tear Sh** Upps3-news2/14/2012
Shoot My Truck Campaign: There's A Rambo In All Of Usps3-news2/10/2012
Jaffe Leaves Eat Sleep Play, Studio Shifts To Mobile Gamesps3-news2/7/2012
Twisted Metal Hits "SCEE Territories" On March 7ps3-news2/6/2012
Twisted Metal Delayed In Europeps3-news2/3/2012
Twisted Metal: Health Pick Up Debateps3-news1/30/2012
PSXE Poll Update: Gamers Evenly Split On Twisted Metalps3-news1/29/2012
Twisted Metal, Syndicate Multiplayer Demos Next Weekps3-news1/26/2012
Jaffe On PSN Pass, Demo, Patch For Twisted Metalps3-news1/23/2012
PSXE Poll Update: A Great Many Don't Care About FFXIII-2ps3-news1/22/2012
Twisted Metal Golden, Valentine's Day Is Gonna Be Bloodyps3-news1/20/2012
Twisted Metal Multiplayer: Party System, Matchmakingps3-news1/20/2012
Jaffe: Twisted Metal "About 1,000 Times Better" Than TM Blackps3-news1/15/2012
Jaffe Hopes Twisted Metal Can Ultimately Sell 1-2 Millionps3-news1/8/2012
Twisted Metal Will Include TM Black For A Limited Timeps3-news12/28/2011
Mr. Grimm Rides Again In New Twisted Metal Trailerps3-news12/16/2011
Fall In Love With Twisted Metal On Valentine's Dayps3-news8/25/2011
Jaffe Provides Reasons Behind Twisted Metal Delayps3-news8/7/2011
Twisted Metal Delayed, Needs More "Polish And Love"ps3-news8/5/2011
Twisted Metal: A Look At The Vehicles And Weaponsps3-news7/27/2011
Jaffe Talks Twisted Metal's "M" Rating And Beta Phasesps3-news7/24/2011
How Twisted Metal Can Outsell Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3ps3-news7/1/2011
Jaffe: Twisted Metal PS3 Was A "Business Decision"ps3-news6/24/2011
Twisted Metal: Jaffe Dishes On All Things Multiplayerps3-news5/18/2011
Twisted Metal Trailer Reveals October Release Dateps3-news4/8/2011
Will Twisted Metal Assault The Spring?ps3-news2/11/2011
Jaffe Confirms: Twisted Metal Might Get New Vehicles Via DLCps3-news12/16/2010
Twisted Metal On Store Shelves In "Less Than A Year"ps3-news12/5/2010
Jaffe Responds To PS3 Preference: "I Can't Have An Opinion?"ps3-news11/30/2010
Jaffe: Here, You Need A PS3 To Play Twisted Metalps3-news11/30/2010
Jaffe: Twisted Metal Nearing Alpha Development Stageps3-news11/28/2010
ESRB Rates Mystery Twisted Metal For PS3 And PSPpsp-news10/19/2010
Why The Industry Needs Twisted Metalps3-news8/2/2010
Twisted Metal Info: No 3D/Move, Single-Player Details, Moreps3-news7/23/2010
More Twisted Metal Info, New Features Still Being Addedps3-news7/6/2010
PSXE Poll Update: Most Are Stoked For Twisted Metalps3-news6/27/2010
Jaffe: "Sweet Tooth PSN Thing" Is A Movie, Not A Gameps3-news6/24/2010
Jaffe Confirms Twisted Metal Betaps3-news6/21/2010
PSXE Poll Update: Majority Guesses Sony's Big News At E3ps3-news6/20/2010

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