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Tag: ubisoft

Name Section Date
After 11 Years, The Frag Dolls Are Doneps3-news5/30/2015
Jade Raymond Leaves Ubisoftps3-news10/20/2014
Assassin's Creed Is Easily Ubisoft's Most Popular Franchiseps3-news4/20/2014
Ubisoft: Watch Dogs Will "Stand Alongside" Other AAA Blockbustersps3-news4/18/2014
Ubisoft Promises Support For PS3/360 For Several More Yearsps3-news3/31/2014
Annual Game Releases: Ubisoft Only Speaks The Truthps3-news3/29/2014
Ubisoft Montreal Cranking Away On Five Unannounced Projectsps3-news3/10/2014
Black Flag Writer: Assassin's Creed Story Similar To Dr. Whops3-news1/29/2014
Cat's Out Of The Bag, Ubisoft Should Just Announce Far Cry 4ps3-news1/28/2014
Pachter Says He "Admires" Ubisoft For Delaying Watch Dogsps3-news1/26/2014
Child Of Light Almost Didn't Happen Due To BG&E Sales Flopps3-news11/6/2013
Ubisoft Abandons Online Pass Due to "Blurring Of Lines"ps3-news10/31/2013
Watch Dogs Delay: Caused By Quality Issues Or...Fear?ps3-news10/20/2013
Analyst On Watch Dogs Delay: It Was "The Right Decision"ps3-news10/18/2013
Ubisoft: GTAV Impact "Generally Positive"ps3-news10/16/2013
Watch Dogs, The Crew Delayed Until 2014ps3-news10/15/2013
Far Cry 4 Development Leakedps3-news10/8/2013
Watch Dogs Benefits From Releasing Two Months After GTAVps3-news9/18/2013
What Can Square Enix And Capcom Learn From Splinter Cell?ps3-news8/27/2013
Child Of Light: JRPG-Inspired Blend Of Limbo And Final Fantasyps3-news8/19/2013
No Available Aircraft In Watch Dogsps3-news8/13/2013
Ubisoft: Who Should Play Aiden Pearce In Watch Dogs Movie?ps3-news7/26/2013
Assassin's Creed Creator Pursues Legal Action Against Ubisoftps3-news6/10/2013
Rumor: Assassin's Creed Movie Lands In Theaters On May 22, 2015ps3-news5/19/2013
Another Assassin's Creed Producer Gets The Unfortunate Axeps3-news5/8/2013
Assassin's Creed Creator Fired, Is None Too Happy With Ubisoftps3-news5/7/2013
Editorial: What If Splinter Cell: Blacklist Is a Big Success?ps3-news5/3/2013
Raymond: Splinter Cell's Complexity Stymies Sales Potentialps3-news4/23/2013
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Goes Comically Retro With New Siteps3-news4/1/2013
Ubisoft: Quality Makes "Annualization" A Total Non-Issueps3-news3/29/2013
Is Ubisoft Really Guilty Of "Annualization" With Assassin's Creed?ps3-news3/14/2013
Is The Far Cry 3 "Continuation" Dubbed Blood Dragon?ps3-news3/7/2013
Watch Dogs: A "True Next-Gen" Title Set For The Holidays?ps3-news2/15/2013
Assassin's Creed Almost Had Co-Opps3-news2/4/2013
Brutal Torture Scene Removed From Splinter Cell: Blacklistps3-news1/30/2013
Ubisoft: Prince Of Persia Is On Hiatusps3-news1/29/2013
Ubisoft Acquires THQ Montreal, Along With South Park Gameps3-news1/23/2013
Has Ubisoft Resurrected A Game That Was Announced Back In 2005?ps3-news1/14/2013
Rumor: Next Assassin's Creed Will Call Brazil Its Homeps3-news12/9/2012
Ubisoft Gauging Interest For Assassin's Creed 4 In 2013?ps3-news11/29/2012
Far Cry 3 Likely Won't Be The Last Entry In The Franchiseps3-news11/28/2012
Rainbow 6 Patriots Might Be Next-Gen, Will "Surprise The Industry"ps3-news11/13/2012
Assassin's Creed III Hits 3.5 Million, Watch Dogs Drops In 2013ps3-news11/6/2012
Cap That Lets You Customize Your Gear With ACIII Goodnessps3-news11/1/2012
Are There Acceptable Bugs And Glitches In Assassin's Creed III?ps3-news10/30/2012
Ubisoft On ACIII: "We Redefined What The Game Is About"ps3-news10/22/2012
AnvilNext Engine Allowed ACIII To Run On Current Consolesps3-news10/17/2012
You Can Hunt Sharks In Far Cry 3...Only If You Really Want Tops3-news10/15/2012
Ubisoft Ready To Unleash A Big Splinter Cell Announcementps3-news10/8/2012
Far Cry 3 Devs: Elder Scrolls, Rockstar Games Were Inspirationps3-news10/3/2012

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