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Tag: valve

Name Section Date
Is A Religious Act In Video Games Even An "Act" At All?ps3-news4/17/2013
Valve, Charities Auctioning Off Replica Portal Gun On eBayps3-news12/28/2012
"Very Cool Blend Of PAYDAY And Left 4 Dead" Incomingps3-news5/21/2012
Newell On Half-Life 3: Don't Want To Excite The Fans Too Earlyps3-news2/20/2012
Valve On Half-Life 3 Rumors: "All False"ps3-news12/28/2011
Valve's New Project Is "Something With A 3 In It"ps3-news12/12/2011
New Counter-Strike To Boast Move Support, Linked Networkingps3-news8/26/2011
Valve: Developers Must Reward Sony's Open Approachps3-news8/19/2011
Counter-Strike Goes On The Digital Offensive In 2012ps3-news8/13/2011
Game Of The Year 2011 Front-Runner Is Portal 2ps3-news8/10/2011
Portal 2 Sells 3 Million Copiesps3-news6/22/2011
Can Gabe Newell Take The Credit For Valve's PS3 Work?ps3-news5/10/2011
Pachter: Portal 2 Console Sales Pass 1 Million In U.S.ps3-news5/9/2011
Valve Talks Next Step: Expansion To "Single-Player Plus"ps3-news5/8/2011
Valve Talks Portal 2, Confirms DLC For This Summerps3-news4/27/2011
Portal 2 Likely Valve's Last "Isolated Single-Player" Gameps3-news4/25/2011
Contrary To Some Info, Portal 2 Is NOT A 3 Hour Gameps3-news4/19/2011
Portal 2: Everything You've Always Wanted To Knowps3-news4/14/2011
Valve: "We're Not Done With Gordon Freeman's Adventures"ps3-news3/30/2011
Steam Will Give PS3 Owners An Extra Copy Of Portal 2ps3-news1/18/2011
GLaDOS Gets Chattier In Portal 2ps3-news1/15/2011
Portal 2 Pushed Back A Few Monthsps3-news11/18/2010
Valve: Not Every Product Needs To Offer Multiplayerps3-news11/9/2010
Newell: Let Developers Make Moviesps3-news8/31/2010
Valve: Portal 2 Originally Had Competitive Multiplayerps3-news8/27/2010
Valve: PS3's "Open Platform" Beneficial To Customersps3-news8/23/2010
Valve Recruited Guys "With A Strong PS3 Background"ps3-news8/19/2010
Portal 2 Opens For Entry In Februaryps3-news8/18/2010
Valve: Dedicated PS3 Team "Critical" For Top Qualityps3-news7/28/2010

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