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Tag: violent video games

Name Section Date
Let's Make A List Of Titles That Prove Video Games Are Artps3-news5/4/2014
Another Lawmaker Wants To Put A Tax On Violent Gamesps3-news5/1/2014
US Tax Reform Plan: No Tax Breaks For "Violent" Gamesps3-news2/27/2014
Professor: Violent Game Effects Are "Massive And Significant"ps3-news2/14/2014
Sandy Hook Shooter Actually Preferred Non-Violent Games?ps3-news11/25/2013
Is It True That The Most Violent Games Sell The Best? Well...Yeahps3-news10/10/2013
So Many Parents Buying GTAV For Kids? Makes Me Sickps3-news9/23/2013
Violent Game Study Results Are A Huge Win For The Industryps3-news7/4/2013
Senator Murphy Calls For More Data From Violent Game Studiesps3-news6/25/2013
Developers Speak Out Against Raging Violent Game Debateps3-news5/29/2013
PSXE's Open Invitation To Katie Couric And The Mainstream Pressps3-news5/21/2013
Katie Couric Admits That Violent Game Report Was One-Sidedps3-news5/21/2013
In Defense Of Violent Video Gamesps3-news5/16/2013
Violent Game Debate Is A Non-Issue If Parents Did Their Jobsps3-news5/10/2013
Couric Asks For Gamer Comments, And We Sense A Trapps3-news5/3/2013
Pierce Brosnan: Violent Games, Movies "Have A Strong Effect"ps3-news4/29/2013
NJ SAFE Task Force Calls For Game Regulation, More Educationps3-news4/16/2013
Okay, One Last Time, Politicians: Some Games Aren't For Kidsps3-news4/5/2013
Spec Ops Writer: Violent Games Don't Pose A Creative Challengeps3-news3/26/2013
Sen. Rockefeller Says Games Need To Eliminate "Obscene Violence"ps3-news3/19/2013
Study: Violent Crime Decreases While Violent Game Sales Riseps3-news2/13/2013
Pelosi On Gun Violence Debate: It's Not Right To Focus On Gamesps3-news2/11/2013
CT Proposes 10% Excise Tax For All Games Rated "M"ps3-news2/6/2013
PSXE Poll Update: Parents Need To Pay Closer Attentionps3-news2/3/2013
Jaffe Slams CNN Anchor Erin Burnettps3-news2/2/2013
Sen. Lamar Alexander: Guns Aren't The Problem, Video Games Areps3-news1/30/2013
Senator Yee Clarifies Statements, Says Gaming Hurts Childrenps3-news1/29/2013
PSXE Poll Update: Ni no Kuni GotY? Well, For Some, Maybeps3-news1/27/2013
Nader: Game Makers Are Just "Electronic Child Molesters"ps3-news1/22/2013
New Bill Would Legally Restrict Age Inappropriate Gamesps3-news1/18/2013
Missouri Rep Proposes Violent Game Taxps3-news1/16/2013
CT Town Cancels Plan To Destroy Violent Video Gamesps3-news1/9/2013

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