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Tag: vita

Name Section Date
PlayStation Now Comes To PS3 On May 12ps3-news5/5/2015
Vib Ribbon Finally Hits North American Shores Todayps3-news10/6/2014
Latest PlayStation 2-For-1 Sale Features Some Big Titlesps3-news7/15/2014
The Banner Saga May Get Ported To Consoles, Vita In 2014ps3-news6/29/2014
Teslagrad Comes To PS3, Vita In 2014ps3-news12/16/2013
The Nightmare Before Christmas Level Kit Gonna Frighten Sackboyps3-news10/20/2013
Dragon's Crown Cross Play Update Liveps3-news10/15/2013
Atomic Ninjas Battle Onto PS3, Vitaps3-news10/2/2013
Kickbeat Gets Down With The Battlin' Rhythm On September 3ps3-news8/7/2013
PlayStation All-Stars Support Ceasesps3-news8/5/2013
Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational Swings Its Way Onto PS3ps3-news7/19/2013
PSXE Poll Update: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Interest Waningps3-news5/19/2013
Final Fantasy X HD To Also Include Final Fantasy X-2 HD?ps3-news3/20/2013
Killzone: Mercenary War Is Our Business Gameplay Trailer Debutsps3-news1/31/2013
Original Alien Breed: Retro Top-Down Shooting Fun For PS3, Vitaps3-news1/11/2013
Knytt Underground Comes To PSN, Vitaps3-news12/17/2012
PS3, Vita, PlayStation Plus Enjoy Great Black Friday Successps3-news11/29/2012
PSXE Poll Update: Dishonored Has Gone Over Rather Wellps3-news10/21/2012
Are We Once Again Revisiting The 2007 Anti-Sony Campaign?ps3-news10/14/2012
PSXE Poll Update: Gamers Unimpressed With Resident Evil 6ps3-news10/7/2012
It Seems A PS3/Vita Bundle Could Be A Distinct Possibilityps3-news10/1/2012
Sony: We Don't Make Decisions Based On Our Competitorsps3-news9/20/2012
Sony Leading With A Hardware Emphasis For The Holidaysps3-news9/19/2012
PSP Remains "Significant" By Outselling PlayStation Vitapsp-news8/20/2012
Jet Set Radio Dated For PSN, XBLA, Vitaps3-news8/11/2012
Sony Discounting 17 Big-Name PS3, Vita Titles Next Weekps3-news8/8/2012
DUST 514 Details: Beta Tests, Home Integration, Vita Appps3-news6/4/2012
Sony To Announce "The Future Of Gameplay And Innovation"ps3-news5/5/2012
PSXE Poll Update: PS3 Price Cut Likely For Holiday Rushps3-news4/22/2012
GameStop Selling 160GB PS3 For $199ps3-news4/20/2012
Atlus To Distribute Dragon's Crown In US, Coming To PS3, Vitaps3-news4/19/2012
Sony To Release New Media Device, "nasne," In Japanps3-news4/18/2012
Pachter: "100%" Certain That God Of War IV And GoW Vita Is Comingps3-news4/13/2012
WRC3 Confirmed, To Boast New Game And Graphics Engineps3-news4/5/2012
February NPD: Strong Vita Launch Can't Halt Sales Slideps3-news3/8/2012
DUST 514 Now Free-To-Play On PS3, Vita Gets "Companion App"ps3-news3/4/2012
PSXE Poll Update: Most Appreciate Twisted Metal's Returnps3-news3/4/2012
PSXE Poll Update: Twisted Metal Isn't For Everyoneps3-news2/19/2012
How Will The PSP Be Remembered?psp-news2/13/2012
Rumor: Killzone 4, Killzone Vita Title, New IP In Developmentps3-news1/31/2012
Exploring Freaky Monsters In Doctor Who: The Eternity Clockps3-news1/23/2012
Oddworld: Munch's Oddyssee Confirmed For PS3, Vitaps3-news1/13/2012
Jaffe Hopes Twisted Metal Can Ultimately Sell 1-2 Millionps3-news1/8/2012
Malicious Cleared To Land In Australiaps3-news12/23/2011
Evolution: MotorStorm Vita Project Saved Our Studiops3-news11/30/2011
PS3 Update 4.00 Prepares PS3 To Interact With Vitaps3-news11/30/2011
Pre-Order Vita First Edition Bundle, Pick It Up Earlyps3-news10/27/2011
Sony Boss Asks Western Vita Fans To Be Patientpsp-news9/18/2011
Vita Software Will Be Region-Freepsp-news9/16/2011
NIS Announces New Titles For Vita, PlayStation 3ps3-news9/16/2011

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