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Tag: west

Name Section Date
Gamer Lands Lowest Possible Score In Super Mario Bros.ps3-news2/20/2014
Jason West Gone From Respawn, Not Involved In Developmentps3-news3/4/2013
Kotick: Not A Tough Decision To Fire The Infinity Ward Bossesps3-news12/16/2012
Capcom Would Let Western Teams Work On Any Franchiseps3-news11/2/2012
Inafune: Western Devs Still "Love And Respect" Japanese Gamesps3-news9/22/2012
DMC Devs Talk Gameplay Differences Between East And Westps3-news9/8/2012
Activision, Infinity Ward Come To Termsps3-news5/31/2012
Activision: IW Received $493 Million In Bonuses Since 2003ps3-news5/27/2012
West On Activision: "Don't Give Me $100 Million, Fire Me Instead"ps3-news5/24/2012
Activision Wanted To "Change The Locks" On West And Zampellaps3-news5/22/2012
Activision, EA "Put The Matter Behind Them" And Settleps3-news5/16/2012
Report: Activision Pays Out $42 Million To Ex-IW Employeesps3-news5/15/2012
Do Japanese Designers Really Think Their Games Are Better?ps3-news4/12/2012
Inafune Explains Why "Japan Can't Win"ps3-news4/12/2012
Are Japanese Devs Wrong In Their View Of Western Gamers?ps3-news1/4/2012
Itagaki On Shooters Taking Over: "Do I Look Worried?"ps3-news12/2/2011
Ninja Theory: No Enslaved Sequelps3-news9/22/2011
Fall Lineup Evidence Of Lagging Japanese Influenceps3-news8/15/2011
Do Western Developers Take Gaming Too Seriously?ps3-news8/1/2011
Japanese Development Practices Are "Old-Fashioned"ps3-news7/25/2011
Pachter: West, Zampella Will Never Control MW Brandps3-news4/5/2011
Namco: Enslaved Didn't Release At The Right Timeps3-news2/11/2011
Former IW Bosses Object To Activision Involving EAps3-news1/5/2011
EA Fires Back, Calls Activision's Claim "A PR Play"ps3-news12/22/2010
Activision: EA And West/Zampella Were In Cahootsps3-news12/21/2010
Attention: Enslaved Does Not Deserve To Be Ignoredps3-news11/4/2010
Enslaved DLC Adds Pigsy Gameplay And 3D Optionps3-news10/28/2010
Kojima: Japanese Utilize Art, West Relies On Technologyps3-news10/14/2010
Andy Serkis: "Something Vibrant" About Working With Gamesps3-news10/6/2010
Enslaved Helps Make The Case For PS3 Exclusivityps3-news10/3/2010
All Your Enslaved Questions Answeredps3-news10/1/2010
Enslaved Golden, Two Fates Intertwine On October 5ps3-news9/3/2010
Enslaved Pre-Order Bonuses, "Dream" Sweepstakes Revealedps3-news8/30/2010
Square-Enix: Japanese Devs "Losing Their Passion"ps3-news8/29/2010
Enslaved Gets The Benefit Of A Big Marketing Campaignps3-news8/21/2010
Enslaved DLC In The Works, Ninja Theory On Next Projectps3-news7/30/2010
No Sequel For Enslaved Unless It's A Gigantic Hitps3-news7/21/2010
Square-Enix: "What's In America Should Be Handled By Americans"ps3-news7/5/2010
Capcom On Japan's Industry: "We Can't Rely On Our Own Skill"ps3-news6/22/2010

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