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Tag: xbox

Name Section Date
Will PS3 Be Remembered As The Worst PlayStation Ever?ps3-news10/1/2015
GameStop: Lack Of PS3/360 Price Cuts Hurt Our Bottom Lineps3-news11/21/2014
Ubisoft Promises Support For PS3/360 For Several More Yearsps3-news3/31/2014
Microsoft: "Ditch" Your PS3, We'll Give You Xbox One For $399ps3-news1/30/2014
John Carmack: PS3 And 360 Are "Far From Being Tapped Out"ps3-news12/12/2013
Best Buy Promo: Trade In PS3 Or 360, Get $100 Store Creditps3-news11/19/2013
PSXE Poll Update: Watch Dogs Delay Isn't A Huge Dealps3-news11/3/2013
NPD Report: 360 Is 50% More Popular Than PS3 For Onlineps3-news10/14/2013
GameStop Reduces Prices Of Pre-Owned PS3, 360 Consolesps3-news10/10/2013
PS3 Overtakes Xbox 360 In Worldwide Sales...Is It For Good?ps3-news5/27/2013
Is It Really Fair To Blame Xbox For The Fall Of Final Fantasy?ps3-news5/12/2013
So, Do Xboxers Play CoD While PS3 Fans Stick To Battlefield?ps3-news12/31/2012
Forget Halo, There's Only One Game I Care About On The 360ps3-news11/30/2012
Two More Video Game Magazines Go Extinct After 2012ps3-news11/13/2012
Dishonored Dev: Current Consoles Not Close To Maxing Outps3-news10/1/2012
Could Late PS3 Games Compete Visually With Xbox 720 Titles?ps3-news8/21/2012
Is The Free PSN Finally On Par With The Paid Xbox Live?ps3-news7/25/2012
So, Who's Bored With This Generation?ps3-news7/22/2012
Square Enix: "This Generation Has Lasted Way Too Long"ps3-news7/10/2012
Pachter: No PS3/360 Price Drop Until Wii U Price Is Revealedps3-news6/7/2012
Jenova Chen: Sony Has A "More Artistic And Adult Taste"ps3-news5/8/2012
Okay Sony, Maybe It's Time For A $99 PlayStation 3 Offerps3-news5/7/2012
Call Of Duty: The Only Reason The 360 Still Outsells The PS3?ps3-news5/1/2012
Crysis 3 Will Push The PS3/360 To Its Limits...Sounds Familiarps3-news4/19/2012
Will PS3 Fans Be Jealous Of Halo 4?ps3-news4/17/2012
Sony And Microsoft Team Up To Bring You The "PlayBox"ps3-news3/31/2012
Gap Between PlayStation 3 And 360, Wii Continues To Widenps3-news3/14/2012
New PlayStation, Xbox To Make E3 2012 A Historic Eventps3-news1/6/2012
Will You Own Multiple Consoles Next Generation?ps3-news12/26/2011
CoD Elite: Fastest Growing Subscription Service Ever?ps3-news11/30/2011
Report: New Xbox By End Of 2012, PS4 In The Mixps3-news11/16/2011
Developers Need To Dedicate Time To "Push The PS3"ps3-news11/4/2011
Is The PlayStation 3 Now #2 In Total Worldwide Sales?ps3-news11/2/2011
BioWare: Not Much More To Find In Current Consolesps3-news10/27/2011
September's Top 20 For The PSN: Retro Lovin'ps3-news10/8/2011
Microsoft Worried About Games Looking Better On PS3ps3-news9/8/2011
Sony: 360 Leads But We Have Better Software Growthps3-news9/8/2011
Why Can't Microsoft Fans Correctly Assess Sales Figures?ps3-news8/24/2011
EA: No Pressing Need For A New Console Generationps3-news8/23/2011
Carmack: 360 Is The Best Console Ever, PS3 Is #2ps3-news8/15/2011
Sources: No New PlayStation Or Xbox Until 2014ps3-news4/20/2011
Report: PS3 Tops 360 In Global Active Console Raceps3-news3/31/2011
Connected Consoles Rising In The USps3-news2/9/2011
Bulletstorm Dev Talks Xbox 360 Hardware Limitationps3-news2/2/2011
THQ On New Consoles Too Soon: "Bad For Everybody"ps3-news1/23/2011
Analyst: PS3 Will Surpass 360 "By The End Of 2012"ps3-news11/9/2010
EA: Console Makers Will Have To "Break Down Barriers"ps3-news11/5/2010
SCEA: Unlike One Of Our Competitors, We Don't Rely On Shootersps3-news9/18/2010
Shoddy Ports Promote Multiplatform Gamingps3-news9/6/2010
Sony: Success Of New IPs A Barometer For Overall Successps3-news8/26/2010

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