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MAG User Review

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Replay Value:



Overall Rating:       9.0



Online Gameplay:

Not Rated

Number Of Players:

1-256 Online



Release Date:

January 26, 2010

MAG stands for massive action game. There really could not be a better name for this game. This reveiw will cover the now current running 2.0 patch with move support as well as the current dlc. Mag has 3 factions that fight 2 at a time over control of objectives . each faction has its own armor, weapons, vehicle types and base designes. The factions are Valor represented with green, Raven being blue and Seryi Volk Executive Response or S.V.E.R. for short who are orange. When using the move contoller the light emitts the color of the faction.

The controls respond well with no real delay for such a large scale game. R1 fires while L1 is the scope or fine aiming. R2 cycles your weapons while L2 cycles your gear. X is to jump or to bleed out. O is the action button used for reloading or securing an objective. Square is the reload while triangle is tap to crouch hold to lay flat. R3 uses the knife while L3 is the sprint. Analog sticks are normal movement and camera layout. Select brings up the command network and start is to check stats. While using Move R1 is replaced by the trigger button and R2 is the Move button. Camera controls are used by pointing the Move controller at the sides of the screen and the knife is a jabbing motion with the Move.

The player levels up by gaining experiance or XP which is earned several ways. Killing or assisting in a kill of an enemy, healing a downed faction member, securing an objective, repairing as well as many random things like an objective "Frago" bonus. Upon leveling up the player will receive one skill point per level. Skill points are used to upgrade the players ability to perform on the battlefield. In the new 2.0 patch weapons have been seperated from actual skill upgrades where before it was a blend. Skill upgrades are broken down into several areas: assault, marksman, close quarters, special ops, medical, engineering, athleticism, vehicles and resistances. Each one having a skill tree to spend points in while working to the new level cap of 70. A happy hour has been applied to the players first hour in a 24 hour period. For that hour the player earns an extra 100% XP.

Upon purchasing the game there is one character slot available per psn account. Character slots B and C have been released for the ability to play in more than one faction at a time. THESE CHARACTER SLOTS ARE SUBSCRIPTIONS. Be aware that buying them results in a fee every 30 days from purchase. at time of writing they are currently 99 cents.

After selecting a faction, there is a training for first time covering the basics. That will be the only time this game is played without another player. After that every game is online multiplayer games with differnt number amounts per side. Suppression and Sabotage being 32 players per side, Acquisition and Interdiction being 64 per side and finally Domination with 128 players per side making up the 256 players in one battle. Suppression is teamdeath match. Sabotage is a holding game where the attacking side has to hold A and B to unlock C and move on to take that. Acquisition is trying to defend or retreive vehicles from the enemy. Interdicion is about holding A, B and C all at the same time to win while Domination has the attackers taking out smaller objectives in order to gain acces to the larger goals. Interdiction is a DLC pack that can be game shared at time of writing its $9.99

Graphics have continued to improve in the short time the game has been out but may not be for every one. Bugs and technical issues are bound to pop up in an online game and this being almost a shooter MMO Zipper has been on top of patching problems with the game. Sound is THX certified and sounds amazing in surround sound. Explosions put out the bass while bullets whiz all around.

A new Supply Depot has been added to the game which now covers all weapon purchases. players are awarded Currency Points or CP after battles. CP are applied towards new weapons, attachments, grenades/mines, gear, armor, headgear, facegear and uniforms all to be used to personalize the character in the Armory. In the Armory each character gets 5 loadouts to prepare for battle depending on the game type to be played.

As the player levels up they are presented with the option to apply for leadership. MAG is a military based game with squads and platoons all being ran by real players calling out orders and setting objectives to be taken out or defended. Squads are broken down into groups of 8 each with 1 squad leader. Platoon leaders control 4 squads at a time and the Officer in Charge runs everything. The OiC only really comes into play in Domination.

With continued support this game could go on to become one of the greatest shooters ever as more game modes continue to be annouced and patches are bound to be applied trying to cover any problems that arise. Owning a copy of the game allows players to try new modes in the betas before they hit the open game. MAG also supports a cloud type of save file where players can log in from any Playstation 3 sharing the psn account without the need to bring the save file. Using Move is very hard and takes getting used to. Button placement is off from holding a DS3 but its a fun alternative for a while.

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User review by frylock25

10/3/2010 5:03:35 AM

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Monday, October 04, 2010 @ 8:45:04 PM

Good review. This is a game that didnt need to be reviewed for a good while after release to let the community come together and make this game what it is. I absolutely suck at MAG, but I appreciate the hell out of what Zipper did.

Last edited by HighOnFire on 10/4/2010 8:47:07 PM

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Saturday, October 09, 2010 @ 12:08:46 PM

Nice coverage. I would've like to having read a bit more on the command/obey part of the gameplay, too, but still, your review evoked interest for this game when i didn't have much to begin with.

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Saturday, October 09, 2010 @ 2:02:43 PM

Nice. great review. Well written and informative. Glad i ordered this game now.

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