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Killzone 2 User Review

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Overall Rating:       9.4



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Not Rated

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1-2 Players (32 Online)



This is my first user review, so excuse any imperfections ;)

Killzone 1 wasn't viewed in a good light by manya critics, and for good reason; it was sub-bar. So with a new generation of games comming, Guerrilla Games set out to make the sequel bigger & better.

Now, considering the reception of the first, people weren't expecting much of the second. But E3 2005 changed that with a epic three minute trailer. People were skeptical if it was in-game, but some people were not- so with the imminent hype train at full speed, the game was released in the first quarter of 2009. But was the wait worth it?

Now, right of the bat let me get it out that first & formost, Killzone 2's graphics steal the show. No game can get to the level of Killzone's graphics, & it probably has the best lighting in any game to date (it's 2011 now..). There are some hiccups, with the motion blur being too much at times or objects popping in the distance (albeit you need eagle eyes to notice it much) but none of that can bring Killzone 2's graphics down any notches.

The presentation on the other hand is a little iffy. You'll know when the game is loading the next stage; the game chugs and freezes, to the point where you think its crashed (on my first playthrough I went to turn the PS3 off had it not finished loading). That and a few other quirks that can be very noticeable, therefore distracting you from the experiance. Luckly these are few & far between & dont distract you for long.

The gameplay is very different to FPS; your character has weight, and this 'weighty' feeling is also included in the aiming. This may turn some people off, because it is especially hard to kill the Helghast when you feel as though your gun weighs a ton. But fortunatly this feeling wears off, or perhaps you adapt to it. Either way you'll overcome it, just stick to it.

You play as Sev, a new character, in a group of 4 know as 'Alpha team'. You are sent to Helghan to get revenge for the Helghast invading Vekta (playing the first helps the story along, but you'll get on fine without doing so). It's not the greatest story, even for a FPS, but does draw you in at times, enough to give you a motive to kill the helghast anyway, which is a treat in itself.

The story makes you hate the Helghast at every turn. They are a scary bunch, what with their omnious glowing eyes, gas masks which give them a spooky artifact to their voice & their abilty to kill you with ease. The A.I in this game is incredible- simply staying in cover will not work. They will attack you at all angles, move about in cover so their head placement is un-predictable & if you don't surpress them, they will come & attack you.

Bullets flying around your face (or in your face as it is most of the time), explosions throwing sharp metal everywhere, your in a war & the sound makes you positive of it. Voice acting is good, but I wish the script would have been abit more revised; 'Shit' & 'fuck' come up way too much for my liking. Blood & gore in this game is one of the things it does best, much like god of war. Shoot a helghast in the face from point blank range with a shotgun and his head will be no more.

Now, as every FPS these days, multiplayer is included as standard. But, this is not your standard affair. Game types are varried & never out-stay their welcome, because they change on the fly, without quitting the game. Levels are very well designed, and make for some intense battles. Up to 32 people can be shooting each other face at once, which means you feel even more at war in multiplayer. In my experiance, lag was apparant, though I didn't feel it was a game-breaker.

So their you go, after years of hype, Killzone manages to break the mould and not follow the tradition. With only a few queries I'd like sorting, I'd say Killzone 2 is going to help FPS's evolve, & because of that, KZ2 is most definatly one of the defining games of this generation.

(Note: As I was late to the party, I tried to review it as it was the day it came out.)

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User review by Ludicrous_Liam

1/22/2011 9:05:36 AM

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