User Reviews: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 PS3 User Review

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 User Review

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Overall Rating:       9.2



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Not Rated

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1-2 (18 Online)



What began as a strong WWII action FPS on PC from over 10 years ago, the Call of Duty series has since grown into the greatest selling video game franchise of all time. The monumental release of CoD: Modern Warfare took the common WWII military FPS setting and brought it to the present day. A daring effort to break the WWII glut of redundancy by introducing gamers to a vivid recreation of the kind of events and locales military armed forces could likely encounter today. And for what seems like the first time in recent memory, IW succeeded in designing a critically acclaimed and commercially well received masterpiece that united multi-platform gamers to a singular FPS gaming experience.

As anticipated, Modern Warfare 2 sets their pedigree for excellence higher, and made events even more interesting. Where MW largely took place on foreign soil in non-American territories, MW2 takes the battle to your urban backyards and streets, your shopping plazas and airports, and, daringly, to a post-apocalyptic modern day Washington D.C. MW2 is about as relentlessly action packed, thematically exhilarating, and brimming with shock and awe moments, it can't be described by anything less than a roller coaster ride of intense emotions all the way through to it's conclusion.

CoD's trademark FPS gameplay is back. The action flows fast and fluidly with plenty of chaotic warfare happening from every direction. While not quite realistic, or quite hyper exaggerated, the flow of CoD's action is decidedly more arcade-like in feel. Like it or dislike it, CoD's play isn't about being a military sim; no, it's a dramatized amalgamation of seemingly every testosterone fueled soldier's idea of what exhilarating military combat is all about. We're dealing with the fate of the world hanging in the balance of nuclear warfare, with missiles and explosions aplomb, battle cries, dirty-gritty-in your face-hair raising action where you take part in a military squad placed in the hottest conflicts. Where your efforts can make all the difference between allowing the onset of global ruin or maintaining the continued integrity of a global peace effort.

CoD's play isn't without it's own few little niggles. With other great military FPS games on the market chopping at CoD's bit, what works and doesn't seems that much more apparent. The average enemy in MW2 has little regard for life and limb, where they tend to haphazardly engage conflict. The behavior of AI comrades can be perplexing at times. Whether they're not particularly tuned in to the battle that's happening all around them or what direction they're been shot from, you will spot some peculiar behavior more often than once or twice.

MW2 controls with razor sharp precision. Everything you've loved from prior CoD's is back from before, including stand/crouch/prone, daringly tossing back live grenades from off the ground, and shooting through low density walls to drop the enemy from behind cover. Once again, you have access to low-light vision goggles, heavy powered rifle attachments, remote Stinger missiles and more. And perhaps the biggest star of the show, CoD's lovely 60fps feel. This super slick frame rate is something enthusiasts have praised the series for some time now, and it still feels great with it virtually in a playing class of it's own.

Once again IW succeeds in bringing to life all of this intense, bullet riddled, chaos to the screen, vivid with minuet visual details. Locations and characters alike look convincingly realistic. You'll spot detailed and authentic looking uniforms and equipment. You'll know the tactile feel of environmental objects from the textures alone. The global illumination technology drapes many of the scenes in authentic and mood invoking light. The huge smoke plumes and air blown debris add to the atmospheric war torn immersion of the experience. You'll engage in settings that look and seem authentic to their real life inspired counterparts. It's all here, including great animation. Only occasionally during the battle will you spot some slowdown, or lower res textures, or off timed animated movement. All in all, MW2 is a slick looking game that is sure to satisfy.

The music and sound fittingly matches the on-screen action. The sound track is as solid as we've come to expect from the series, but the sheer volume of gunfire, explosions, and soldier cries are going to encompass the majority of your listening experience. To put it simply, the game sounds as great as you could expect from a CoD and MW2 doesn't dissapoint.

Like MW before it, MW2 isn't a long game, 5 to 6 hours of in game length seems about right for this one, which is becoming a more and more common trend amongst FPS games of this generation. Yet, while it is short, it is very sweet. You'll continuously move from one setting to another, helping to keep the experience feeling fresh throughout the game.

MW2 is a stunning example of IW taking their time tested CoD formula and executing it again, improved this time, with the seasoned experience we've come to expect from IW. Everything from battling it out at urban shopping plazas in fast food-like restaurants to snow storm entrenched blizzards, or American urban neighborhoods to a devastated Washington D.C. create for one exhilarating ride. MW2 is intense, memorable, and one of this gen's finest FPS experiences. If you're into fast action military themed shooters, put MW2 high on your list.

'Multi-player modes and story were not evaluated for this review'

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User review by Temjin001

4/3/2011 10:29:47 PM

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Lawless SXE
Monday, April 04, 2011 @ 2:30:44 AM

That's one convincing review Temjin, but even so, I'm not yet ready to take the CoD plunge. A great read, and make sure to keep 'em coming.

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Monday, April 04, 2011 @ 8:43:01 PM

Thank you, Lawless.

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