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Brink User Review

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May 10, 2011

*Sigh*.. Oh, what expectations can do to a game. Please note that while writing this review, I have NOT had the opportunity to play online, as the PSN is down currently.

Brink, the game created by Splash Damage and produced by Bethesda, was a fairly well hyped game due to its amazing looking trailers and promises of intuitive gameplay. "The future of shooters", PS3 magazine called it. Unfortunately, this game really just feels like Call of Duty with a sloppily put together traversal system and lackluster music and environments.

The game takes place on a floating city somewhere far off into the future. 2050-ish. This city has been ridiculously over-populated and for some reason new resources haven't shown up for 20 years or so, so they're pretty low. You can play through the campaign in a few ways: Either as the Resistance (the side trying to get off the Ark) or the Security (trying to save the Ark from running out of resources blah blah blah), and you can choose from playing offline or online. Because PSN is down right now, I had to play offline. OOOOHHHH my Lord.

My friend and I started our campaign on the Resistance side of the field. No, there is no splitscreen, we were taking turns. Splitscreen would do WONDERS for this game. Basically you have a choice between 4 classes, Soldier, Medic, Engineer, and Operative. The soldier is the up in your face fighter, able to re-supply others, and your own ammo. The medic... Well, obviously heals people. The engineer can boost people's weapons, and the operative can do.. well something else. The soldier is in charge of blowing things up, the engineer fixes things, (I smell a sitcom) the operative hacks into computer systems and can pretend to be a member of the other team and the medic... Heals people, and can revive fallen allies. At any command post that you control, you may switch your class, but only a few given times per mission. I did not encounter this as an issue at any time, as I spent a lot of time as a soldier.

The way missions work, your team of 8 people, each assigned an unchange-able role, faces the enemy team of 8. Depending on the mission, you'll get a different roster of people and classes that they play. Does this matter? Not much. The A.I. in this game is almost unbearable. If a team member is supposed to fulfil a task because he's a certain class, you can pretty much forget about it. You will almost always have to switch classes to finish the objective, which is always difficult because even on normal mode your enemies seem to be everywhere all the time, even though there's only 8 of them. Your team will almost never stick with you, and there's basically no way to tell them what to do.

Ok... I have so much to talk about with this game it get's hard to keep track of. Let's talk about the SMART system. This stand for Smooth Movement Around Random Terrain. More like jump a hurdle and slide under the 2 things you can in this game. Sure you COULD climb and jump around everything, but you're constantly taking so much damage it's impossible to jump around without your teammates defending you, which they're horrible at. There's only a few challenges in the Challenge mode (barely worth touching on) that solely rely on the SMART system. If Brink didn't have the SMART, it would literally be CoD limited to 8v8.

Ok, graphics. This is not a bad looking game. Even though the trailer made it look pretty epic, it barely looks like that in-game. The environments are slightly colorful, mostly taking either a blue or a red motif. That's more or less all I can say about the graphics, they're nothing special.
Touching on a subsidary category of graphics, let's go on about character customization. I'm sure as I got up in rank, I would unlock better things to equip my character with. Unfortunately, my character, all other presets, and everyone in the entire game is a big galoot with a long head and a big nose. You can't mess with facial features beyond hair, and scars and tattoos. Scars and tattoos are in the same category, you can't have both. There are few color options, and no, ladies (and some gentlemen I suppose), you cannot be a female. Unless one shows up in the Security side of the campaign, there are NO women in this game except for the narrator at the start.

I'm rambling horribly now, so time for sound. Lot's of gun noises, music that I didn't pay attention to. Does that say enough for you? Average overall.

In Brink, you can customize your weapons, but there's barely a point to it until you unlock the best of the best parts. Which I of course, did not get.

In Brink, you have to work your butt off to get anything worth while. Combine this with a horrible storyline with barely audible voices (oh, except for in missions when some moron yacks about the command posts being taken every 5 freaking seconds), the barely-there character customization, the dumb A.I... My lord, there's so much more they could've done with this game that they should have.

BOTTOMM LINE: Is Brink fun to play? I'll be honest, it's good for a while. Your objectives aren't always clear, but the time you do spend in your missions can be fun.

Please keep in mind that this game probably plays a LOT better online, so please don't let this review sour you too much on the experience. I hope you will try it online, and I hope you enjoy it.

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User review by Riku994

5/11/2011 1:29:40 AM

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Lawless SXE
Thursday, May 12, 2011 @ 2:03:20 AM

Yikes. So much for being revolutionary. And that's a damn shame, Brink could have been something fantastic. Considering that this review is based off the offline portion of the game, you can definitely expect a pass from me. Thanks for the heads-up Riku.

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Thursday, May 12, 2011 @ 3:11:22 AM

I only gave this game a rent, and despite all the negativity, I'm sure others would have fun with it. I know this sounds like I'm very back and forth on the issue, but the game IS fun to play for a while.

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