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Mortal Kombat User Review

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Well now that the PSN has come back and i was able to play the game online I thought i would try out doing a review so here it is.

Finally back to it's violent roots after it's experiment with 3D and DCU Mortal Kombat punches you out with a well written story and then rips you in halve with it's visceral hardcore game play.

The story opens at the end of Armageddon and then warps back to the events of the first game from 1992 with Raiden able to see the future, this however causes a lot of changes to a story you may or may not be familiar with. The story keeps out most of the violence as you are unable to Fatality anyone but there are a few rather gruesome cut scenes but they're nothing compared to the fatalities you can do in the ladder or online.

The game responds well when you press a button and flows well but of course if you have big fat fingers like i do you will input the wrong commands just by human error.

Menus are easy to traverse and clearly understandable. The Kyrpt is back to let you unlock everything through the use of koins but there are other means to do so which will let you spend the money to pass some of the harder floors of the challenge tower. The tower has some really fun challenges mixed in with the standards you'd expect but one i very much enjoyed had the floor tilt when you got/gave hits causing the hitter to become invincible and the other to die quicker.

Like most games cut scenes and game play are run on slightly different engines so there appearance also differs however in Mortal Kombat the game play (thankfully) looks better than the pre-rendered parts. During the videos some objects especially Sonya's hair move weird her hair falls in to her head and disappears another strange error i noticed is with the female characters in game play some movements (like Mileena rubbing herself) lead to breasts sticking together in a bizarre unattractive lump in the center of her body, this dose go away after getting hit or jumping but it is odd and might throw some people out of the moment.

The game also feature some cool little details that some might not notice like how blood actually darkens to show that it dried and of course being Mortal Kombat it has many easter eggs to find and secret battles in the arcade ladder.

The music is wonderful and seems always fits the mood while the sound effects are realistic when they can be and what you would expect when they can't which is stuff like blood gushing and those sound gross. The voice acting at first seems a little bit strange and like are trying too hard or not enough and it seems like a lame b movie but that all adds to the value because the story is so violent and serious that if the voice were too it would be creepy and off putting so it is better this way.

As for the online part it dose leg some seeing as it is a fighting game and all of them do this is more tolerable than most and it gets better through out the match. The people that i have played with though might just be the worst ever, they all spam uppercuts and block any actual kombos I try then go right back to uppercuts. Every person I fought that used Smoke would just teleport and uppercut. Of course good people do play online and make it fun but they are too hard to find and each search can take over a minute up to seven was the longest it took for me. King of the hill mode is a great addition to the game and people really do give out respect honestly.

Now for one of the most important things that should known by everyone at this point Kratos the god of war is in the game and exclusive to the PS3 he is a great character to add to the game all be it a hard to master one, I could not picture any other character fitting in so well.

Trophies in this game are pretty standard for a fighting game of course it has lame online ones that will take forever for some people 'cause it is super hard to win ten matches in a row but spammers make it seem like a punishment from hell and the game wants you to do this twice one ranked and one king of the hill. The worst trophy ever though is "my kung fu is stronger" which will take about three hundred and fifty hours or more to do.

So yeah this a great return to form for the series that should be welcomed by fans and new comers a like.

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User review by jigokunohoono

5/18/2011 12:33:00 PM

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