User Reviews: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception PS3 User Review

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Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception User Review

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To follow up a game like Uncharted 2 is an outrageously ridiculous task. Keep that in mind as you read this review, because there are TWO ways to look at Uncharted 3. One, as a standalone title, and the other and the third installment in an amazing series. As the former, this game is not far from perfect, but as the latter it falls a bit short.

Looking at Uncharted 2, we got an amazing storyline with great gameplay, graphics and music. With Uncharted 3, we again have a great storyline, gameplay and music. However there are a few errors here and there that can't be ignored.

For starters, there are more graphical glitches like screen tearing and visibility through walls that detracts from the immersion of the otherwise beautiful environments. These glitches are few and far between, but I don't recall having many in Uncharted 2 without looking for them.

Character design is still great, though Elena and Chloe appear to have gone through some major surgeries between Uncharted 2 and 3, their faces both look completely different. Other than that, character's outfits and facial features all look great, and everything is beautifully texturized. Water and fire effects are gorgeous, however shadows seem to have a pixelated tinge to them.

Sound is just as great as ever. The soundtrack is wonderful, the voices are all beautifully done, and ambience is always right where it should be. They even added music to certain aspects of the multiplayer, such as power plays and when there's only 5 kills left for either team. There's only one instance of sound clipping that I found in chapter 2, but it only happens when you swivel the camera at a certain point, no big deal.

Control has both improved and taken a dive. Climbing feels a bit better, jumping feels WAY better, and hand-to-hand combat has been greatly improved with the new abilities to counterattack, grab, and use your environment to your advantage. However, the aiming mechanic seems to have taken a massive turn for the worst. Please note only some people report issues with the aiming, some people have no issue with it. Personally, I do. The reticle is all over the place, even with sensitivity lowered, and for some reason when you're trailing an enemy to try and shoot them, your reticle will slow down. This really bothers me, when Uncharted 2's aiming felt flawless. One issue with climbing I've had is that it's sometimes difficult to make Nate turn around and jump backwards. My last gripe with control is that if you have people with you, they will get in your way.

Gameplay overall is just as fun as before, with big areas to explore while battles can involve stealth more often this time around. The inclusion of bigger melee fight scenes gives more diversity to fights, because you don't ALWAYS have to rely on your guns, and you can hit guys in suits with a fish. I think that speaks for itself.

Online Multiplayer is nothing new to the series, being introduced in Uncharted 2. This time around there is character customization, a small amount of gun customization, new modes (Free for All, Three Team Deathmatch), medal kickbacks and even a sprint button. The improvements are therem but having only played a few rounds (and actually participated in the beta) I haven't gotten the full immersion of having the best boosters and medal kickbacks. Killing an enemy takes an ungodly amount of ammo this time around, unless you're using a power weapon. The new maps are diverse and rather large, but they are definitely fun.

Now that all that is out of the way, let's get to talk about the narrative a bit. This game's story has Nathan Drake following the trail of his ancestor Sir Francis Drake all over Europe and Asia looking for the "Atlantis of the Sands" in the middle of a 600 mile wide desert. During this journey we learn a lot about the history of Nate and Sully, including how they first met. Many complaints have been made about "plot holes" in the game, but you really just have to pay attention to what's going on. The second time through, the story makes a lot more sense, even though some things remain unexplained after all is said and done.

Overall, Uncharted 3 is an absolutely wonderful game. However, it did NOT have the same "WOW!" effect that Uncharted 2 bestowed upon us. If this were a game in a different series, I feel that some people (myself included) would've received it a lot better. Graphically, it is superior (especially near the end) except for a few clipping errors. Unfortunately, I think Naughty Dog set the bar a bit too high and although they came close, they didn't quite hit it with this one.

In closing, let me say Uncharted 3 is stunning. The only reason people are complaining is because it didn't have the same level of epic moments as Uncharted 2, but took more time to explore the relationship between Nate and Sully, which I for one don't mind.

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User review by Riku994

11/13/2011 4:32:39 PM

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