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Mass Effect 3 User Review

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March 6, 2012

Since the realise of Mass Effect 3 its been met with a lot controversy about how the game had come to its conclusion. Some people are happy with the ending, other not so much. It won't take alot of internet seaching to discover why people are so disappointed with the ending of a trilogy thats lasted around 90 hours of gameplay for just one playthrough in all games. There are many theory's that people have about the ending but this game review is about the whole experience of the game, not just the ending. May as well get that point across. Also just in case people have not played the game yet, I will try to avoid any massive spoilers in the game because like many poeple out there, I HATE SPOILER! Right, to the review.

From the moment I bought this game I couldn't wait to rip of the plastic coating and run home to my 360 (Sorry folks, played the first two on the xbox) and shove it in my disk tray and start playing. And just from the sound when you press the start button on the title screen, the same sound you get from Mass Effect 1 title screen, I knew this game was going to be a great experience.

Wasn't to happy about the main menu though, it was pretty much the same as Mass Effect 2 apart from it looked more Alliance than Cerberus, would of been nice if it was more like the Mass Effect 1 menu's. Anyway, when I imported my Mass Effect 2 file (which was imported from Mass Effect 1 to Mass Effect 2) it wouldn't let me import my facial features, which was quite annoying since I've had my made up face since the beginning in ME1.

They did bring out an update some time later that corrects this, but for me and many other fans out there it was a pretty big thing to overlook when they released the game. I didn't want to try and recreated my face (I tried to on the PC version and failed badly) so I decided to use the original Commander Shepard face.
When I finally got to the in game graphics I could instanly see an improvement, everything look alot more smooth, their were less jaggered black lines compared to the previous installment and the whole game seemed darker, which was a good thing because I thought Mass Effect 2 was really bright, sometimes glaring. Maybe its the way I've got my TV set up, but ME3 was definitely an improvement on visuals.

Also their was alot more going on in the backgrounds, in the first level you see Reapers towering over building, Fighter planes flying around taking out ground troops etc. Its definitely more of an immersive experience compared to the first two games, and you get that feeling from just the first level.

For thoses of you that haven't played ME1, the score in that game was very space electronic. I loved it, everytime you went to a new planet you'd get a new soundtrack to listen to while blowing up lots of Geth, the music in ME1 was great.

In ME2 they went more orchestra, so you had a feeling of epicness on certain missions. ME3, they stuck with the orchestra but added in some more ME1 style music, as long with some rewritten classics from ME1. I don't know about other peeps, but music in games can make or break them. ME3 had a good balance of old and new music. Can't say more than that.

They nailed the gameplay in Mass Effect 3. In ME1 the game was very floaty, you felt disconnected in combat. ME2 felt more grounded but Shepard was very clunky, he felt heavy to use compared to ME1. But ME3 was perfect. It handles like ME2 but much more fluently, its got the feel of being connected but is more fast paced which ME2 was lacking. And finally, they brought back the super run.

In ME1 when you did a sprint Shepard would pretty much fly across the screen. Then in ME2 it felt like Shepard needed to work on his cardio, but finally in ME3 he got back some of his epic speed.
Mass Effect 1 felt more like an RPG, you had tons of armor, weapons, omnitools, biotic amps and weapon and armor upgrades to equip and use. The varity was great. In ME2 they took alot of thoses elements away. It felt more restricted.

ME3 I'm gald to say brought back some of that RPG which was needed in this installment. Weapon mods returned which was a big thing for me because I missed being able to customize weapons that suited you. More armor was added in ME3 compared to ME2 and more weapons to choose from. All in all it felt like they took the goods stuff from ME1 and ME2 and put it into this game.

The story in this game feels more to the point that in the other ME games. Its not just about humanity anymore, its about survival. The game has a sense of urgency about it, like you need to do things right, but fast as well. In the previous installments you could just go off and explore the galaxy and not care about whatever mission you've got coming next. ME3 feels like you need to keep going, even when you do things like side missions it feels like its contributing to the main story, talking to crew members feels important.

This could be the final moments you spend with them. You really feel connected to all the relationships you've built with your team and old friends from the other games. The experience is way more personal compared to the other two games, at least thats what I think. Its a great game overall and I believe one of the best games (along with ME1 and ME2) this generation has to offer.

I do believe that the ending should be rewritten. But I don't want to spoil anything, there are people who like the ME3 ending. So I'll leave it at that. Thank you for reading this review.

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User review by Bariikade

5/10/2012 8:07:07 PM

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